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X-Rated “Show” at Wisconsin State Fair

When you go to the State Fair you expect to see some farm animals, musical acts, carnival rides, lots of food, friends and family enjoying a great time!

What you don’t expect to see is two people having sex, out in the open, in plain sight!

Attendees of the Wisconsin State Fair over the weekend saw just that!

A man and women, who’s names have not been released, were arrested by Wisconsin State Fair Park Police for having sex at the park.

The X-rated offense gained attention after a viral video of the couple in the act was posted to social media.

When Fair Officials caught wind of the video they launched a full investigation and the video was taken down.

State Fair police have referred the case to the Milwaukee County District Attorney’s office for potential criminal charges.

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Only In Wisconsin…

WACKY-BUT-TRUE: ‘SEX’ PAINTED ON WISCONSIN WATER TOWER _ A water tower in Wisconsin had the word “sex” on it for about a day — and it was basically approved by the town’s leaders. Sussex, about 20 miles northwest of Milwaukee, was having its water tower painted. The painters took a break Wednesday to allow paint to dry after covering the letters s-u-s. The word was fully covered by late Thursday morning.


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Two Rivers Man Charged with Sex Trafficking

A 29-year-old Two Rivers man has been charged with sex trafficking a 14-year-old Sheboygan girl.

According to the criminal complaint, the girl told authorities that Christopher E. Tipton had brought her to Milwaukee several times last month where she engaged in sexual acts for money.

The complaint adds that Tipton’s sister gave her a fake name placing it on a website used for advertising sex acts for sale.

When originally questioned by police, Tipton denied having sex with the girl, but then later admitted to having sex “multiple times” with her. However, he denied selling her for money and that he never profited from sex trafficking girls. Tipton faces up to 25 years in prison if convicted.