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Pizza Hut Delivers by Kayak to #HurricaneHarvey Victims

Even Hurricane Harvey couldn’t stop a Sugarland, Texas Pizza Hut from delivering pizzas to weary flood victims, reports the Houston Chronicle.  However, instead of using cars they had to improvise and load up kayaks with fresh, hot pizzas.

Shayda Habib, the branch manager of the Sugarland store knew families were trapped in their homes and were running out of food, so wanted to do something to help.

Habib told the newspaper, “We packed 120 pizzas in kayaks and took them out to people in their homes. The people in the houses didn’t expect us to come. It was so nice to see their smiles after so much gloom.”

With just a handful of employees, Habib and her crew loaded the pizzas into delivery pouches on kayaks and delivered the pies to hungry families. She says she will continue to deliver pizzas until the store runs out of food.