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Garth Postpones His New Album

The Garth Brooks World Tour with Trisha Yearwood is still in full swing, but Garth has decided to postpone his upcoming comeback album.

Posting on Facebook Thursday (March 10), Garth first thanks fans for making his massive, multi-year tour such a success, but then said that he needs a little more time before finishing the follow-up to 2014’s Man Against Machine.

“In the fifteen months we have been touring, we have been fortunate to have seen a lot of faces and heard a lot of voices,” Garth writes. “When it comes to the new music, the one thing I keep hearing over and over is, ‘Where is the Garth stuff?’ I made the statement that when we came back on the road and into the studio, I was not confident in my own writing . . . [It] is a muscle and if you don’t use it, you just can’t turn it back on again . . . [It] takes time . . . but I DID hear you. And because of that, teamed with the touring schedule, I am asking a huge favor from you, I am postponing the release of the new studio record [and] I ask for your patience as I explore the writing again. I have been at it for over four months now, enjoying the challenge and enjoying the studio more because of it. This new album will be the most Garth thing I have ever done . . . [W]hether that is a good thing or a bad thing, you will decide.”

Garth says he expects the new project to be released sometime this summer, and he also promised to give fans a behind-the-scenes look into its creation by using the Facebook LIVE streaming service.


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Garth Expands Tour to Canada

Garth Brooks is expanding his World Tour into Canada with a tour date added in Hamilton, Ontario, Brooks – along with his wife & touring partner, Trisha Yearwood.

The first show will be at the First Ontario Centre on March 26th at 7 pm (et).  Tickets go on sale on January 15th at 10 am (et) via Ticketmaster.

Additional shows are expected to be added upon ticket demand.


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Country Stars Make People’s “Sexiest” Issue


This year, People’s sexiest men issue includes two country stars who country fans have already determined to be very worthy of that honor: Blake Shelton and Tim McGraw.


McGraw credits swimming and eating oatmeal and chicken for his damn-near-perfect body, even at 48. “I feel like the best years are ahead of me,” he told the magazine.


Shelton won’t come right out and admit that he’s sexy, but does say that where he’s from is full of it.  “Oklahoma is sexy because it’s full of wide open spaces. There are areas where I live that there is no one around for miles and miles. That can make for some sexiness,” he said.


Garth Brooks also made the issue, in the Sexy at Every Age section, for being the hottest 53 year old.