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Kewaunee County Grew During Farm Technology Days

After three days, the Executive Committee for Kewaunee County Farm Technology Days 2017 is proud to report the event at Ebert Enterprises was an overall success.

Kewaunee County is the first to host Wisconsin Farm Technology Days and have more individuals attend the three-day event than the county’s total population as far as records show. In the first two days alone, the show nearly attracted the number of the county’s residents.

Additionally, organizers were excited to learn the first day of the show attracted over 10,000 visitors, the highest attendance on day one in several years. The official Opening Ceremony had a record-breaking 550 attendees, including Governor Scott Walker and Department of Agriculture, Trade and Consumer Protection Secretary Ben Brancel.

Along with welcoming visitors, vendors, exhibitors and people from across the Midwest, there were a number of interesting stories to come out of the week.

-An all-time record of nearly 1,900 volunteers from Kewaunee County and the surrounding areas came together to work on 18 committees and subcommittees over the three-day show to make it a success.

-All 1,000 of the Kewaunee County Farm Technology Days commemorative toy, a Gehl 800 Forage Harvester, were sold out completely before the show opened. The last time the commemorative toy was sold out was 2012, when Outagamie County hosted the event.

-A fundraising goal of $500,000 was exceeded from in-kind donations alone due to the overwhelming support of local businesses and families of the 2017 show. Additionally, with final numbers still pending, the show is expected to exceed the net profit goals of the Executive Committee.

-Over 567,000 people were reached with information about the show on Facebook before the show started from the three main promotional videos. Views are still being added up.

-Algoma was rained on heavily in the early morning of day two, and the show still opened on time due to the pre-planning and quick decision making from the Grounds Committee and volunteers. These individuals worked three vacuum tanks to soak up water and spread wood chips to ensure visitors had dry roads to walk on.

-Tram rides to tour Ebert Enterprises farm were enjoyed by over 50 percent of attendees. Nearly 1,500 tram rides were provided for field demonstrations, which only ran for half of the show due to weather conditions.

-15,000 hamburgers and cheeseburgers were served over the three-day period, including 11,250 bowls of ice cream.

-The ice cream purchased for the entire event was sold out before closing time on opening day, and ice cream on hold was brought in that afternoon.

-Children under the age of 12 were admitted for free, but the Youth Tent recorded over 1,700 youth passports turned in from those who took advantage of all the fun kids activities.

-On Monday before the show, the Executive Committee and volunteers participated in the first Wisconsin-based Leukemia and Lymphoma Society “Random Act of Light” event. A 5-year-old leukemia survivor named Isaac was invited to the grounds to ride his favorite kind of John Deere tractors. Isaac was able to be a farmer in John Deere’s largest tractor and chopper with help of a licensed driver, get a private tour of the farm and grounds and take home his own push-pedal tractor.

-The Heritage lot was set up on eight acres, a record-setting amount of space, with over 150 antique tractors and equipment, along with demonstrations of wood stove cooking, cordwood sawing and building and blacksmithing.

-The grounds of the show were made beautiful thanks to the Greenscapers committee who planted 289 flower pots and floral displays.

-For the first time in show history, two world-renowned and highly talented equine clinicians, Chris Cox and Dan James, performed and taught attendees about horsemanship each day of the show.

-Kewaunee County Farm Technology Days was supported by 67 Landmark Farms located in Kewaunee County and surrounding townships in Door, Brown and Manitowoc Counties. The Landmark Farms were not just dairy-related, but included beef, hog, crop and other kinds of farms.

-This was also the first year a county incorporated a Farmer’s Market, with sellable goods and food/drink tastings.

Executive Committee chair Amber Hewett and host farm owners Randy and Renee Ebert have expressed their overall satisfaction with how the show went this week. They are excited to learn new friends were made and the grounds were a true place of networking and connection for those involved and interested in agriculture.

“The Kewaunee County brand is “Everything Grows Better Here,“ and with the permission of the Kewaunee County Economic Development Corporation, we incorporated that tagline into the Kewaunee County Farm Technology Days logo and marketing. Through the three years of planning and executing the show, it is abundantly clear that everything does truly grow better here in Kewaunee County, most importantly, our relationships.” Hewett said.

Tent City will come down over the next few days and preparations will continue for the 2018 Wisconsin Farm Technology Days show in Wood County.

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Governor Walkers Kicks of Farm Technology Days

ftdscottwalkerGovernor Scott Walker kicked off Farm Technology Days this morning during the opening ceremony in Algoma. The three-day event highlights the latest developments in production agriculture and is held in a different county on a different family farm every year.

“Wisconsin is America’s Dairyland and a top U.S. producer of cranberries, vegetables, and cheese,” Governor Walker said. “It’s safe to say that agriculture is one of our top industries and remains crucial to our economic success. Farm Technology Days is a great opportunity for our farmers and other leaders to learn more about the cutting edge of agriculture technology.”

Launched in 1954, Wisconsin Farm Technology Days is the largest agricultural show in the state. The event runs July 11 through July 13 and is expected to attract thousands of attendees and hundreds of exhibitors. Farm Technology Days allows visitors to tour Ebert Enterprises, the hosting farm, see field demonstrations, speak with commercial exhibitors, and learn about the latest in agricultural research.

Ebert Enterprises, host of this year’s Farm Technology Days, is owned and operated by sixth generation farmer Randy Ebert, and his wife Renee, who began raising heifers and crops after purchasing the farm from Randy’s parents in 1987. The farm employs 40 full-time employees as well as 15 part-time employees. Located in Kewaunee County, the farm doubled in size through internal growth and in 2012 acquired a neighboring farm that increased the farm to their current size of 3,000 cows. They grow corn, alfalfa, sorghum, triticale, and small grains on nearly 5,000 acres.

Agriculture is a crucial aspect of Kewaunee County’s economy, covering 176,735 acres, or 81 percent of the county’s land. The industry employs 2,058 people, approximately 20.7 percent of the county’s workforce. Their top agricultural commodities are milk, grain, cattle, fruits, tree nuts, and berries.

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Innovation square showcases all of agriculture at Wisconsin Farm Technology Days

Kewaunee County Farm Technology Days will have more than enough attractions for both farmer and non-farmers to enjoy, from unique foods and large equipment demonstrations to children’s activities and horse presentations, everyone will find something to enjoy.

However, as this is Farm Technology Days, there will be exhibits that will even attract the techies of the agricultural community. At the center of it all is Innovation Square, sponsored by Exacto.

The square will be in the heart of Tent City at this year’s show, featuring the newest agricultural developments used on farms all over the world. Innovation Square will also bring pieces of hosting county, Kewaunee County, through the means of a Farmer’s Market and replicas of locally recognized public spaces.

As for the technological wonders of Innovation Square, visitors of the show will be able to get up close and personal with a number of exciting products and services including an automatic feeding system, waste recycling systems, a hay feeder, crop development technologies and more all designed to make life on the farm a lot easier and better for the environment.

“They will showcase innovative solutions to problems that face the agricultural industry on a daily basis,” Co-Chair of the Innovation Square Committee Will Hewett said. “It will be great to bring these tools to life for our visitors.”

The executive committee for Kewaunee County Farm Technology Days has put in a lot of effort over the last few years of planning for the event to make sure the show focuses on more than just dairy cows. This is how the Innovation Square Farmer’s Market comes into focus.

“The committee came up with the idea for the farmer’s market together, and we all are very excited to have it in the show,” Hewett said. “We wanted a way to show the different forms of agriculture here in Kewaunee County, and it allows the vineyards, the breweries, the CSAs, and all the other farmers that aren’t involved with dairy to have a voice.”

Kewaunee County’s agriculture diversity is widespread, including other operations including cheesemakers, organic vegetable growers, beekeepers, flower growers, beef operations and more.

Innovation Square will be easy to find, as it features a 24-foot replica of Algoma’s iconic red lighthouse with a working light on top. The lighthouse was installed in the middle of a recently cut hay field earlier this week.

As Lake Michigan is essential to everyday life and many industries within Kewaunee County, a miniature Lake Michigan is being built into the square along with a smaller version of the Ahnapee State Trail.

People will also get to enjoy a toy show within Innovation Square. The show will host rare and collectible agricultural toys donated for the week from local collectors. A display will also feature the commemorative toy for the Kewaunee Show, the Gehl 800 Forage Harvester.

For more information about Innovation Square and Farm Technology Days, please visit our website or official show program at

Farm Technology Days 2017 will be open from 9 a.m.-4 p.m., July 11-13 at Ebert Enterprises at E5083 County Road K, Algoma, Wis. 54201. Admission is $8 for everyone age 12 and up, and parking is free. For more information, visit and find us on Facebook and Twitter.

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World Famous Horseman to Teach at Wisconsin Farm Technology Days

Wisconsin is home to over one million dairy cows, but the state has a soft spot for horses here in America’s Dairyland. To showcase the passion for horses and equestrians in the state’s agricultural community, widely recognized horseman Chris Cox will be the headlining Clinician at the 2017 Kewaunee County Wisconsin Farm Technology Days.

During the three-day show, Cox will be administering clinics on a number of different topics for people to take part in with their horses. Clinics will include correct riding, colt starting, building rider confidence, developing youth horsemanship and more. To take part in one of the clinics, ranging from one to five or more hours, individuals must apply.

Cox originates from a cattle ranch in Australia, where he learned from an early age about working with horses and appreciating the connection of horse and man.

Cox has become known for his popular show, Chris Cox Horsemanship, which teaches viewers about his life and work on his ranch Diamond Double C Ranch in Mineral Wells, Tex. The show focuses on Cox working with different horses, and educating the public with information and facts to aid both horse owners and admirers.

As a teacher of horsemanship for over 28 years, Cox uses both Western and European influences in his style and practice, allowing all levels of rider insights into how to work with horses. He consistently is looking to help others on their horsemanship journeys, making his stand out as an exlimperlariy teacher.

As a trainer and breeder of horses, Cox has been recognized as an outstanding individual in the equestrian world, and was presented with the Traveler Award by the American Quarter Horse Association in 2015 and was inducted into the Texas Cowboy Hall of Fame in the same year. By 2016 Cox was given the Monty Roberts Lifetime Achievement Award.

Cox’s resume of success with horses includes multiple competitive awards throughout his tenure. He has earned four world championships of the coveted Road to the Horse competition, which has elite clinicians compete in the World Championship of Colt Starting. The competitors must build a strong relationship with an untouched three-year-old American Quarter Horse to win the prize. Cox was also awarded the Jack Brainard Horsemanship Award in 2015.

In addition to his full schedule, Cox frequently travels throughout the world to offer demonstrations, clinics and performances of his work along with regular Reined Cow Horse and Team Roping events.

More information about the FTD Chris Cox Clinics, visit:

Farm Technology Days 2017 will be open from 9 a.m.-4 p.m., July 11-13 at Ebert Enterprises at E5083 County Road K, Algoma, Wis. 54201. Admission is $8 for everyone age 12 and up, and parking is free. For more information, visit and find us on Facebook and Twitter.