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Donkey & Emu Pair Up

The heart wants what the heart wants — and such is the case on a Charlotte, North Carolina animal shelter, where a male donkey and a female emu have apparently fallen in love.

Jennifer Gordon of Carolina Waterfowl Rescue tells the Charlotte Observer of the “inseparable” pair, “They like to cuddle and even sleep together.”

The two unlikely pals were part of a collection that the organization gathered from the property of a South Carolina man who vanished last week, reports the paper. It’s thought the pair bonded years ago out of loneliness. An attempt to separate the ass, who is five-five, and the bird, which is 6 feet tall, resulted in the donkey crying, and the bird pacing frantically.

“When we put him in with the other donkeys, he attacked them,” says Gordon, who added, “He’d rather be with the emu.”

The animal rescue group is trying to find forever homes for the unidentified man’s dogs, cats, and chickens, but finding a new home for the inter-species couple is a big ask. “We can’t separate them, so we need someone who is willing to adopt both a donkey and an emu. That may not be easy,” Gordon explains.

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Survey says iPhone users are happier and more successful than Android phone folks

While iPhone and Android users are usually very faithful to their respective devices, one study says the differences between each type of user is more than just a matter of technological preference.

The online retailer SlickDeals says based on its survey of a thousand users of each type of phone, iPhone users are generally happier, make more money, and have more friends than those slinging around a Samsung or Google Pixel phone.

According to the poll results posted by the website StudyFinds, iPhone users were 27% more likely to say they were “very happy” with their lives, compared to Android phone users; they also on average have five close friends as compared to the Android phone user’s three; and prefer a night out with friends compared to Google phone users, who’d rather be, “curled up on the couch watching TV or reading a book.”

Seeing as they’ve got more expensive phones, on average — a new, top of the line iPhone can top $1,000, easy — the iPhone users reportedly earned a higher average income than their Samsung-calling counterparts. The breakdown was more than $53,000 a year for the Apple users to $37,000 for the latter.

On the flip side, Samsung users were seen as more frugal, spending not only less for their phones, but half as much monthly on clothing and beauty products compared to the Apple fans.

Also interestingly, iPhone users were said to take an average of 12 selfies a day compared to seven for the Android phone folks — and the Apple fans sent 58 texts on average per day compared to 26 for their counterparts.

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America Recycles Day

Recycling is one of the easiest things that we can all do to improve our communities, conserve natural resources and create green jobs.

America Recycles Day is a nationally recognized day designed to build awareness of recycling and its benefits and to encourage people to recycle correctly and buy recycled products. By recycling, you can help reduce emissions of greenhouse gas and water pollution, save energy, supply valuable manufacturing materials, create jobs, and reduce the need for new landfills. People can easily participate by making an effort to learn about the recycling programs in their community. Visit the Manitowoc County Recycling Center website at to learn more about local recycling and disposal options. Or try for information about recycling issues and guidelines throughout Wisconsin. If you want to do more, then make an effort to buy green products that contain recycled content or purchase products that can be easily recycled in your community. You could even take a recycling pledge on the America Recycles Day website at to show your support for recycling.

Manitowoc County has demonstrated a very proactive approach towards recycling. In the early 90’s approximately 58,000 Tons of solid waste per year were landfilled from Manitowoc County. That number has been reduced to about 30,000 per year because of the recycling and waste reduction efforts. In 2017 there was 5.75 million pounds of paper and cardboard and 531,000 pounds of plastic bottles recycled at the local recycling center. Despite these impressive numbers, there is still room to improve. The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) estimates that Americans recycled 63% of their paper and cardboard in 2010. The National Association for PET Container Resources estimated that just 29% of the PET bottles were recycled in 2011.

There is an increasing need throughout the Nation to “Recycle Right”. We would like to encourage everyone to review the recycling guidelines for their curbside program or local drop off site. Stick to the instructions! Just recycle what you are told tell you to recycle, contamination is a big issue, it always has been a big issue. When you put the wrong item in your recycling, it still goes to the landfill, it just makes more hassles along the way. Make sure you know the common items that can be recycled in your community. Contamination often happens when people assume they know what to recycle when in fact they are overlooking some important details.

The Manitowoc County Recycling Center would like to thank Manitowoc County residents and businesses for participating in recycling and special collection programs like the Hazardous Waste Clean Sweep, Drug Disposal Program, Waste Tire Collection, Electronics Collection and the Compost Sites. By taking the time to learn about and use these programs and others, participants have helped improve our community, environment, and economics. Visit the Recycling Center at or call 920-683-4333 to learn more about these programs and help improve recycling Manitowoc County.

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Kevin Harvick Issued NASCAR Penalty

NASCAR issues a 40 point penalty to Kevin Harvick after his race winning car was found to have an illegal spoiler during technical inspection at the NASCAR Research & Development center. The penalty revokes Harvick’s automatic berth into the championship race at Homestead, & his crew chief Rodney Childers will serve a two race penalty. It is reported that Stewart-Haas Racing will not appeal the penalty, & that Tony Gibson will take over as interim crew chief. Harvick now sits in 4th place, three points ahead of Kurt Busch.

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Black Friday Shopping Tips from BBB

Black Friday

  • The day after Thanksgiving was originally dubbed “Black Friday” as a negative due to traffic, crowds, and hostile behavior. It’s now a positive for many people who get excited for the lines, crowds, and especially the deals.
  • Now it’s the single busiest shopping day of the year! American consumers plan to spend an average $935.58 during the holiday shopping season this year, according to National Retail Federation’s survey conducted by Prosper Insights.
  • Retailers are gearing up for the big day, especially the “big box” stores that sell name brand appliances, housewares, electronics, and other popular gift items. Newspapers are stuffed with sale flyers, commercials are promoting the “door buster” deals, and online ads promise the best bargains.

BBB offers these tips to make your Black Friday shopping experience productive… and maybe even enjoyable:

  • Create a budget and stick to it. Make a list, determine how much you can afford to spend on each person and…stick to it!
  • Compare deals. There are many retailers and websites that will claim to capture the best deals. Comparison shop ahead of time, before you head out to the mall to make your Black Friday shopping more efficient.
  • Maximize Advance Alerts. Do you have favorite retailers? Sign up for their email alerts and take advantage of special social network opportunities. Many stores work to reward your loyalty and you may get a jump on special offers. Many stores release their best Black Friday deals to people who have signed up to receive their emails. Just make sure it’s the real business and not a scammer.
  • Know store return policies. Knowing the store polices on returns can help you decide where to buy. Retailers may include restocking fees, shorter return deadlines and other terms and conditions. Also, be sure you understand the return policy on seasonal sale items.
  • Ask for gift receipts. Gift receipts generally include a description of the item purchased but do not disclose the price paid. Without proof-of-purchase, the recipient may be turned down for returning or exchanging an item or risk receiving an exchange or refund at a lower price.
  • Learn about advertising tricks and gimmicks.The BBB #AdTruth campaign highlights bad ads and helps you learn to identify the most common schemes and cons. Check it out at org/adtruth. (Tell BBB of false advertising so we can look into it)
  • Do your research. Read product reviews, check out orgfor Business Reviews, look at the sales flyers and ads, compare prices, look for early promotions and “flash sales.”
  • Read the fine print. Some stores only honor sale ads during a certain time frame, or on certain days. Some stores may only allow you to purchase one item, particularly large, popular and/or deeply discounted products.
  • Know the advertiser. Some of the best deals are only available online, but be careful. It’s easy for a fake site to mimic a famous retailer’s website, so make sure you are shopping with a legitimate site. Check out orgto read more about stores or websites unfamiliar to you.


Check out for free reports, file a complaint, write a customer review, report a scam, read tips and press releases, follow us on social media, and more!

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Reindl joins Financial Services Center located at UnitedOne

Rob Reindl.jpgRob Reindl is joining the Financial Services Center located at UnitedOne Credit Union in Manitowoc.

Reindl is taking on the role of FSC Coordinator after spending the previous nine years as a Mortgage Specialist at UnitedOne. Joining the FSC is the latest step in pursuing his lifelong interest in financial planning.

The Manitowoc native began at UnitedOne as a Youth Apprentice in 2004 while attending Lincoln High School.

After earning his associate’s degree in financial institutions management from Northeast Wisconsin Technical College, he became a Member Service Representative before transitioning to UnitedOne’s Mortgage Department.

UnitedOne Credit Union has branches in Manitowoc and Sheboygan, and is open to everyone living or working in Manitowoc, Sheboygan, Kewaunee and Door counties. The credit union serves consumers and small to mid-sized businesses. For more information, visit

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New Lifesaving Lung Cancer Screening Available, Fewer than 5 Percent of those Eligible Participate

Lung cancer is the nation’s leading cause of cancer deaths for both women and men, with 4400new diagnosis in Wisconsin estimated in 2016 alone. However, there’s a new opportunity to turn the tide against this deadly disease through the newly available lung cancer screening, which helps diagnose the disease in the earliest stages when it’s most curable. During Lung Cancer Awareness Month, the American Lung Association highlights that awareness of lung cancer is more important than ever, as the lifesaving lung cancer screening has the potential to save thousands of lives.

“Screening for the disease can make all the difference, and if lung cancer is caught before it spreads, the likelihood of surviving five years or more improves to 56 percent,” said American Lung Association Executive Director Megan Cordova. “We must ensure that people are aware of lung cancer and its risk factors and speak with their doctor if they’re concerned about their risk.”

According to the Lung Association, if the 8 million Americans eligible were screened, an estimated 25,000 lives would be saved. While screening is available at no cost through Medicare and most insurance plans, fewer than five percent of those eligible are currently getting screened. Screening is recommended for those who meet the following criteria:

  • Are between the ages of 55-80 and currently smoke, or quit within the last 15 years, and smoked the equivalent of 30 “pack years” (1 pack a day for 30 years, 2 packs for 15 years, etc.)

Through its LUNG FORCE initiative, the American Lung Association works to raise awareness of this new screening, including through a partnership with the Ad Council in the first-of-its-kind public awareness campaign “Saved By The Scan.” The campaign encourages current and former smokers to talk to their doctor about their risk and take an online eligibility quiz at The “Saved By The Scan” eligibility quiz has helped more than 137,000 Americans learn about their risk for lung cancer.

Since lung cancer screening is relatively new, to ensure that everyone eligible not only knows about screening but also has access to screening, the Lung Association has partnered with the American Thoracic Society to launch the Lung Cancer Screening Implementation Guide. The Guide helps community hospitals and healthcare systems implement lung cancer screening programs, which will encourage access to lifesaving screening for those who qualify, regardless of where they live.

“We want to make sure that everyone who qualifies for screening knows it’s an option, and that they can access screening in their communities,” said Cordova. “We’re at a pivotal moment in addressing this disease, and we’re working to spread the word about screening as it is literally lifesaving for so many people.”

Even with the promise of screening, the Lung Association also continues to push for better treatment options and new methods of early detection for the disease, noting that screening is currently recommended only for select current and former smokers, yet there are a variety of risk factors associated with lung cancer, including exposure to radon gas, secondhand smoke and air pollution as well as genetic factors and sometimes the causes of lung cancer are unknown.

“To ultimately defeat lung cancer, we need to address all risk factors and continue to invest in lung cancer research funding,” said Cordova. “Since 2014, the Lung Association’s investment in lung cancer research has increased by 160 percent, and we’re going to continue pushing for more research, advancements and awareness until lung cancer is a thing of the past.”

Visit to learn more about lung cancer, share your experiences with the disease and support lung cancer research.