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Well that’s depressing: chocolatiers now selling Easter bunnies with face masks

With the world staying home to avoid catching or transmitting COVID-19, candy makers are finding ways to capitalize on or, at least, make light of the current pandemic. You know, for the kids.

Most recently, chocolatiers have started to put surgical face masks on their chocolate Easter bunnies. You know, because they can totally catch COVID-19 and are all about that social distancing.

KGNS tells the story of a Greek chocolatier named Marios Papadopoulos in the northern Grecian town of Thessaloniki who started crafting the masks on his chocolate bunnies because he wanted to bring some joy to his customers. He added that he wanted to find a way to honor those working the front lines at hospitals and clinics.

He’s even crafted some bunnies wearing scrubs while others represent doctors with a vaccine for COVID-19.

Papadopoulos isn’t alone, other bakeries around the world have had the same idea and have flooded social media with photos of their own creations, with some bakeries even going as far as creating fancy almond-flavored face masks for their chocolate bunnies.

So, that said, imagine telling this to yourself from a year ago about socially distancing chocolate Easter bunnies, would you believe you?

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Survey says until isolating together, nearly half of people had no idea what their partner did for work

If your partner seems like a different person now that you’ve seen them working from home, you’re not alone.

According to a new survey of 1,500 British adults, 46% say they had no idea what their significant others did for work until watching them while isolating.

The survey, which was commissioned by Virgin Media, noted that before seeing them in action, they only knew their partners “have lots of meetings,” and even more vaguely, “work in an office.”

With some weeks of watching them work from home, the survey says, now just 22% are still in the dark.

The survey also noted that there were pros and cons to working under the same roof: 32% say they enjoy having someone to speak with while they toil away, and 26% say they liked bouncing work-related ideas off their captive audience. Thirty-one percent say they welcomed spending more time with their loved ones.

On the other side of the coin, 25% say they’re annoyed by overhearing work-related calls, forcing them to move to another room. Eighteen percent say they think their partner is too loud when working from home, and 12.5% say they hate that their partner eats all the snacks.

Twenty percent say they’ve had arguments over the right temperature for working from home, while 20% also say they can’t agree on background music.

A quarter of the respondents say that working from home is messing up their work-life balance.

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Mayor’s “stay at home” crackdown nabs several people — including his wife

A crackdown by the mayor of Alton, Illinois aimed at people violating the state’s “stay-at-home” order amid concerns over the COVID-19 pandemic succeeded in catching several offenders over the weekend — including his wife.

Alton mayor Brant Walker revealed in a Facebook post on Monday that one of several people cited at a downtown bar on Sunday in defiance of the order was his wife, Shannon Walker.

As proof of just how seriously he’s taking the order, the mayor writes that he “instructed the Police Chief to treat her as he would any citizen violating the “Stay At Home” order and to ensure that she received no special treatment.”

“My wife is an adult capable of making her own decisions, and in this instance she exhibited a stunning lack of judgement,” Walker continues in disappointment. “She now faces the same consequences for her ill-advised decision as the other individuals who chose to violate the ‘Stay At Home’ order during this incident.”

A criminal complaint for reckless conduct, a Class A misdemeanor charge, was signed against every person gathering at the bar, according to The Telegraph, a local newspaper. Police said each will be summoned to court at a later date.

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Beware, there’a a naked burglar on the loose

Desperate times call for desperate measures for one Tennessee man.

On the morning of April 4 around 8 a.m. police were dispatched to a residence after they received notice of an unclothed man who was causing a disturbance, according to a report obtained by The Rogersville Review. What authorities found when they arrived was a naked 37-year-old man, later identified as Tomothy Joey Anderson.

Apparently, per the report, Anderson forced his way into a home and told the resident that he needed supplies and that “everyone was going to die.”

He was ordered to leave the property and, although he lingered for a while, he seemingly did. However, instead of heading home, he headed to another residence where he again stated he was “trying to gather items to survive.”

In total, Anderson burglarized three residences and allegedly caused damage to two dressers, a door frame and drywall.

He was arrested on three counts of aggravated burglary, vandalism over $1,000, and indecent exposure.

He was held in Hawkins County jail following the incident.

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Wanna get tanked with your cat while in quarantine? You’re in luck!

Apparently, National Drink Wine With Your Cat Week is coming up. For those wanting to pop bottles with your felines, Pet Wine Shop has got you covered.

Through April 10, the online store that sells non-alcoholic wine for cats (and dogs!) has a pretty cool deal going on right now called #QuarantineAndChillWithYourCat. Meaning, you can nab free bottles of wine for your fur baby.

Not only that, you can sink your claws into some extra swag for your kitty, such as catnip bubbles and dental sticks.

“Stay home and drink wine with your Cat or Dog. Shop FREE items daily and get FREE shipping on all orders $10 and up,” the website advertises. “We know convenience is key and you’re going through a difficult time, so let us bring joy to your doorstep.”

Also, for those wanting to know if their precious pooch can get some dranks, no worries. All dog wine is currently on sale and features adorable vintages such as Chardognay and Zinfantail.

So, now you know what to do if you’re stuck at home and want to throw a refined wine tasting paw-ty for you and your closest furry companions. Cheers!

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Oops: Cops in Louisiana apologize for blaring the siren from The Purge to warn of a COVID curfew

As if residents of Crowley, LA didn’t have enough to worry about — with the COVID-19 pandemic situation and all — they got an extra dose of anxiety Sunday night, when the local cops blared the siren from the Purge movies to signal a coronavirus curfew was beginning.

For the uninitiated, The Purge movies imagined an America in which every crime — including murder — is legal for one night only, and the signal to start your crime spree is the same siren that cops played throughout the town.

Jimmy Broussard, the city’s police chief, apologized to the public. He told local ABC affiliate KATC-TV that he didn’t know the siren was used in the movies and said they won’t be using a siren going forward.

“Last night a ‘Purge Siren’ was utilized by the Crowley Police Department as part of their starting curfew. We have received numerous complaints with the belief that our agency was involved in this process,” Acadia Parish Sheriff K.P. Gibson said in a statement to the news station.

“We were not involved in the use of the ‘Purge Siren’ and will not utilize any type of siren for this purpose.”

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Wacky But True: Snapchat Edition

Texas police have arrested a teen who made numerous claims on her Snapchat that she planned to intentionally spread the coronavirus. The Carrollton Texas Police Department identified the teen as 18-year-old Lorraine Maradiaga and arrested her late Tuesday morning. One of Maradiaga’s Snapchat videos is said to have been taken at a local COVID-19 testing site. In one clip on her Snapchat she said she was “here at Walmart about to infest” everyone, “because if I’m going down, all you” are going down.

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Jumanji 4 in Development

The Jumanji franchise has proven to be hugely successful. Last December’s sequel The Next Level earned just shy of $800 million worldwide. That’s not quite as high as Welcome to the Jungle‘s near $1 billion gross, but it’s still impressive. Jumanji 4 — the third in this series but the fourth including the 1995 film — seems like a no-brainer. And finally, we’ve got it officially confirmed that it’s on the way.

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NYC Man Seeking “Germ-Free” Girlfriend

A 30-something New Yorker seeking a “germ free” girlfriend during the coronavirus pandemic has hung dating flyers along city running paths. The man — who prefers to only be identified as Brad, a.k.a. — says in the flyer that he’s “Seeking Girlfriend for Coronavirus And Beyond” and describes himself as a “Healthy, Attractive, Well-Employed Man” who’s looking for “Germ Free Monogamy.”