Man Facing Charges After Coughing Near an Elderly Victim

A 57-year-old man in Pennsylvania is facing charges after allegedly mocking an elderly victim for wearing a mask and deliberately coughing near the victim. Daniel Tabussi is facing simple assault by physical menace, disorderly conduct, and other related charges after the incident.


People Love the Cereal to Go Cup

Cereal is the easiest meal to make: pour it into a bowl or glass, add milk, use spoon. But if you’re the active type, people are going nuts over the CrunchCup, a travel mug where your cereal and milk don’t meet until they hit your mouth. You can eat everything from sweet Fruit Loops to crunchy granola on the go without ever slurping soggy cereal.  It can be found on Amazon.


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Bar Offers Women Free Drinks Based on Their Weight

A bar in Dubai is drawing is offering free drinks to women based on their weight — the more they weigh, the more free drinks they receive. The Fusion Club is running a special through the end of the year offering 12 cents in free drink credit for every pound a female customer weighs — meaning a woman weighing 150 pounds would receive about $18.50 worth of free drinks. There is a scale available in the bar, but customers can also use the honor system to tell their weight to bartenders.


AAA: Don’t Be Left Grounded Without a REAL ID

Adult Travelers will need a REAL ID or Passport for Domestic Flights by October 1, 2020

As consumers make travel plans for 2020, AAA is reminding them about another consideration: as of Oct. 1, 2020, they will likely need to present a different form of identification to board a domestic flight. Beginning in October 2020, the accepted forms of identification for boarding domestic flights or for entering most federal facilities will be a current passport, passport card, military ID, or REAL ID-compliant state driver’s license. The standard Illinois driver’s license is not REAL ID-compliant and cannot be used to board a commercial flight as of October 2020.

The Illinois Secretary of State, Indiana Bureau of Motor Vehicle Services and the Wisconsin Department of Transportation are offering residents the option of either continuing to renew their standard driver’s license/ID card OR obtaining a REAL ID-compliant driver’s license or identity card. The REAL ID applicant must appear in person at their local DMV office and bring several DMV-accepted documents that verify their identity, U.S. legal residence or citizenship status, and current address. REAL ID-compliant identification is marked by a star on the top of the card. Travelers who are not sure if their ID is compliant should look for a star on their ID or check with their state driver’s license agency.

This new requirement stems from the federal REAL ID Act of 2005, which was passed as a Department of Homeland Security measure. It established new standards for state-issued driver’s licenses and identification cards to improve security by making them more tamper-proof.

“AAA is urging travelers to prepare for this upcoming change,” said Molly Hart, spokesperson for AAA.  “As the October 2020 deadline draws nearer, it may become more difficult for consumers to obtain their REAL ID, passport, or passport card in a timely manner.”

For those who plan to fly domestically and don’t have to renew their driver’s license before October 2020, AAA suggests they should get or renew a passport or passport card if they don’t already have a current one. Passport applications and renewal forms are available online and AAA branches offer passport photo services for both members and non-members.

Those who already have passports that were issued no earlier than 15 years ago can usually renew them by mail. However, first-time applicants, those who have lost their passports, or those with expired passports issued more than 15 years ago must apply in person with a completed application, documents and document copies verifying their identity and U.S. citizenship, and a passport-compliant photo.

Some other points to keep in mind:

  • A REAL ID is not required for children under the age of 18. The Transportation Security Administration does not require identification for minors boarding domestic flights (a passport is required for both minors and adults for international flights). However, airlines may have identification requirements for minors such as a certified copy of a birth certificate to verify their age in certain situations when the fare is free or discounted.
  • A passport is not a substitute for a driver’s license. You still need a valid driver’s license to operate a motor vehicle.
  • For more information about REAL ID visit the Illinois Secretary of State, Indiana Bureau of Motor Vehicles, or Wisconsin Department of Transportation. For more information about passports, visit the U.S. State Department website.


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Craving Sleep

It’s not news that Americans are sleep-deprived — the recommended eight hours of shut-eye is, for many, a dream.

In fact, a new survey of 2,000 Americans say they want a “perfect” night of sleep so badly that they’d take a 10% pay cut for just one.

The survey, conducted by OnePoll on behalf of the bedding company Slumber Cloud, revealed that most averaged five hours and 43 minutes of shut-eye — so it’s no surprise, then, that those polled say they spend nearly 20 hours a week “daydreaming about being in their bed.”

According to the survey, 53% say they wish they could hibernate for six months, just to get their sle

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Garfield Phones Ahoy!

Good news! The years-long mystery of the seaside Garfield phones as finally been solved.

For the past 35 years, according to the BBC, hundreds of the orange plastic phones in the likeness of the famous lasagna-loving cartoon cat have been regularly washing ashore on the coast of Brittany, in northwest France. The phones were sold in the 1980s and have since become a collectors’ item, selling online for $50 or more. Working versions not wrapped in seaweed, that is.

The big question: where were they all coming from? A lost shipping container was always suspected, but it wasn’t until renewed media attention by a local anti-litter group caught the attention of a local farmer that the mystery was solved.

The farmer reportedly remembered seeing the first Garfield phone wash ashore after a storm in the 1980s. He also knew the location of the shipping container — apparently lost a sea during the storm, as suspected, only to wind up in a nearby cave that was submerged during high tide.

The anti-litter group checked out the cave and, sure enough, found the rusted remains of the busted shipping container — as well as lots of the bright-orange Garfield phones.

Rather than clean up the cave, for now the anti-litter group says they’ll continue to keep their eyes open for Garfield on the beaches.

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Want to Try Living in a Tiny Home?

Tiny houses of just a few hundred square feet seem like a great way to save a ton of money while still maintaining the satisfaction of home ownership. But if you’re not sure a tiny house is right for you, you could try staying for a few days or weeks in a tiny house hotel. Portland, Oregon, is home to the nation’s first “tiny house hotel,” where lucky travelers can rent a 120-square-foot home on wheels for $175 a night. Called Caravan, the trailer-park getaway includes six homes.

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SLC names Brandt Danals director of athletics

Brandt Danals.jpgSilver Lake College of the Holy Family has named Brandt Danals director of athletics and head men’s basketball coach.

Danals, a Loudonville, Ohio native, will begin his duties on Monday, July 30.

“We are thrilled to have Brandt lead our growing athletics program and join our College,” said Dr. Robert B. Callahan, president of Silver Lake College of the Holy Family. “Brandt has a clear vision for success for the men’s basketball program, as well as developing our student-athletes for achievement in the classroom, in competition and in their communities.”

Danals has served as assistant coach for men’s basketball and head coach for men’s and women’s tennis teams at Indiana Institute of Technology (commonly known as Indiana Tech) in Fort Wayne, Indiana for the last five seasons.

He has proven success in academics and recruitment, as well as winning records with the Indiana Tech university men’s basketball program qualifying for the National Association of Intercollegiate Athletics (NAIA) tournament twice in the last five years. Additionally, Danals has served as high school boys’ basketball coach and teacher.

Danals is excited to join the College and develop student-athletes.

“My No. 1 priority is to prepare athletes for life after college,” he said. “I firmly believe that sports can be used as an instrument to develop the skills your players will need when they move on from college into the workforce or wherever they go.”

Danals is confident that the right mix of teamwork, hard work and talent will breed success for the Lakers basketball program.

He plans to hit the ground running by meeting with student-athletes, parents and coaches in the local communities, not just to recruit student-athletes, but also to give back to the community.

“Student-athletes can be powerful role models and mentors for young people in the community,” said Danals when describing how he plans to involve his players in partnering with elementary schools in the area.

Silver Lake College of the Holy Family’s athletics program includes men’s and women’s cross country, women’s volleyball, men’s and women’s soccer, men’s and women’s basketball, and women’s softball. The College is a member of NAIA and the United States Collegiate Athletic Association (USCAA).