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Country Music Hall of Fame Exhibits

Exhibits honoring Martina McBride (August 21), Chris Stapleton (June 26), and Bill Anderson (November 20) will open at the Country Music Hall of Fame in 2020. In addition, the American Currents exhibit, spotlighting current artists, will return for another year and the Outlaws & Armadillos exhibit, paying homage to the outlaw movement of the 1970s, will continue through February of 2021.

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Wacky But True: Booze Edition

A sugar company employee in Nairobi took early retirement and left with a $3,600 pension. On his way home he stopped at a local bar, cashed the check and had a drink. The beer apparently went to his head and he proceeded to buy rounds for the entire bar. After hours of this he found a lady willing to party with him and proceeded to a hotel for the night. In the morning he woke to find her gone with the last of his pension.

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Password Sharing

Want to build trust in your romantic relationship? Share your password. A new study (by online security service Comparitech) found that 28 percent of men and 17 percent of women trusted their partners more after sharing their social media passwords with each other. Currently, according to the survey, 47 percent of respondents share their passwords with their better halves.

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This Shirt Saves Live Campaign

Thomas Rhett, Lady Antebellum and Florida Georgia Line are among those taking part in the This Shirt Saves Lives campaign for St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital. Celebs sport the charcoal gray T-shirt with the phrase in white across the front to raise awareness of the hospital and encourage monthly donations. Little Big Town, Cole Swindell and actress Jennifer Aniston are also among the celebs taking part this year.

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Survey: It takes fewer than four hours to get sick of your family during a holiday stay

Well, Thanksgiving 2019 is in the books, which means, for those Humbug types out there, there are only a few remaining holiday hurdles to cross before the new year.

A new poll of 2,000 Americans who usually travel to visit family during the holidays reveals 95% say it’s important to spend time with them — but that same poll shows it takes the average person just three hours and 54 minutes before they start to feel sick of the folks they’re visiting.

The survey, commissioned by Motel 6, reveals 75% of those who are staying with relatives during the holidays say they planned to take some “me” time away from them during their visit.

One in four say they’ll seek refuge in an empty room during a visit to a relative’s house, while 37% admit they’ll likely fabricate an excuse to leave a family party altogether.

In spite of the stress, 60% of respondents in the OnePoll survey say they bite the bullet and stay with family because “quality family time doesn’t happen often.” More than half, 53%, say they still find ways to enjoy their holiday visits.

Twenty-two percent of those polled say a lack of privacy is a main cause of visiting stress; 20% say it’s family members getting on their nerves; 20% cite family drama; 19% say feeling like a burden stresses them out; and 17% say their family’s busy or loud house jingle-jangles their nerves.


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Dog + delicious bread rolls + microwave = fire department visit

Got a dog?  Got a microwave?  Better not store anything inside of it.  The microwave, we mean — not the dog.

As the BBC reports, an unidentified homeowner in the English town of Stanford-le-Hope was alerted to a kitchen fire in his home by a smartphone app he had installed.  Fortunately, he was able to call firefighters, who extinguished the blaze before it spread to the rest of his house.

As for the fire’s cause?  You can blame it on both him, and his dog — a Husky mix.

A fire brigade spokesperson said the blaze began because the homeowner had stored a plastic-wrapped bag of bread rolls in his microwave, and his dog had somehow managed to turn the microwave on, igniting the package.

“It demonstrates that microwaves shouldn’t be used to store food when they aren’t in use,” the spokesman said.  “Always keep your microwave clean and free of clutter or food and any packaging.  Animals or children can turn them on more easily than you might think, so please don’t run the risk.”