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While jail time might not solve the problem, writing the same sentence 500 times might

When at first you don’t succeed… write and write again.

Ekiti Reporters came across an odd but effective punishment Indian officials dealt out to 10 tourists defying lockdown orders on Sunday.

The incident happened in Rishikesh, India — yes, the one made famous by the Beatles in 1968. Anyways, the country is enforcing a national lockdown and people are not permitted to leave their house unless it’s for essential business, like buying groceries.

So, frequenting a spot that Sir Paul McCartney and John Lennon had a spiritual awakening at is definitely not on the list of essential business, which is why those 10 tourists — who were from Australia, Austria, Israel and Mexico — were tasked to write “I am so sorry” 500 times.

Actually, according to a local police officer, the full sentence was “I did not follow the rules of lockdown so I am so sorry.”

The officer continued that, in all, his force has apprehended about 700 foreign tourists since India enacted the national lockdown, which explains the creative punishment. He hopes the strict writing lesson will have a lasting effect in teaching people to respect the law.

India is expected to tack on an additional two weeks to the lockdown, which is supposed to end on Tuesday.

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