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New app guides you through calming hypnotherapy session while you’re on the toilet

For many, particularly those stuck at home with their kids and endlessly “touching base” with work remotely, answering the call of nature is their only respite. Such was the case for Kim Palmer, the founder of the therapy app Clementine.

As with many good ideas throughout history, she cooked up the idea for a five-minute, 18-second hypnotherapy session while in the bathroom, and thus Clementine’s new Loo-Break Breather was born.

“Juggling a busy work life, on top of trying to teach the kids, as well as lots of check-ins with loved ones through FaceTime, can be exhausting,” Kim noted. “I noticed the only break I was getting to myself was when ‘nature called.'”

The specially-designed session is meant to “guide the listener into a meditative place, similar to daydreaming,” when the brain becomes “receptive to new ideas by tapping into the subconscious mind.” That can help you de-stress, which in turn could help you tackle that thorny issue that may have just come up on a conference call.

Palmer says, “Trying to find extra time to relax during the lockdown can be a stress in itself. Getting motivated to do a 6am yoga session in the lounge or a midday step-class in the hallway is great, but I wanted to take advantage of a time that doesn’t involve adding even more to our busy schedules.”

She adds of her app, “Clementine is an app that helps you just kick back for a moment before life starts up again and you need to be all things to all people.”

Unfortunately for you Android users, the app for now is iPhone only.

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