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Well that’s depressing: chocolatiers now selling Easter bunnies with face masks

With the world staying home to avoid catching or transmitting COVID-19, candy makers are finding ways to capitalize on or, at least, make light of the current pandemic. You know, for the kids.

Most recently, chocolatiers have started to put surgical face masks on their chocolate Easter bunnies. You know, because they can totally catch COVID-19 and are all about that social distancing.

KGNS tells the story of a Greek chocolatier named Marios Papadopoulos in the northern Grecian town of Thessaloniki who started crafting the masks on his chocolate bunnies because he wanted to bring some joy to his customers. He added that he wanted to find a way to honor those working the front lines at hospitals and clinics.

He’s even crafted some bunnies wearing scrubs while others represent doctors with a vaccine for COVID-19.

Papadopoulos isn’t alone, other bakeries around the world have had the same idea and have flooded social media with photos of their own creations, with some bakeries even going as far as creating fancy almond-flavored face masks for their chocolate bunnies.

So, that said, imagine telling this to yourself from a year ago about socially distancing chocolate Easter bunnies, would you believe you?

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