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Clogged toilet? No problem, that’ll just cost $400,000

Houston, we have a problem!

Usually, the remedy for a clogged toilet involves a plunger, which typically costs less than $10, and a minute or two of plunging. That’s not exactly the case when it comes to two of the Navy’s newest aircraft carriers.

Bloomberg reported that a new congression audit revealed that their toilet system clogs so often that the ships’ sewage systems have to be cleared out with “specialized acids costing about $400,000 a flush.”

The hefty price tag on the plumbing issue makes you wonder exactly what kind of waste these sailors are getting rid of. According to Shelby Oakley, a director of the Government Accountability Office, the issue is with the structure of the system itself.

“The pipes are too narrow and when there are a bunch of sailors flushing the toilet at the same time, like in the morning, the suction doesn’t work,” she explained. “The Navy didn’t anticipate this problem.”

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