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Hilarious “talking” dog shares advice for humans amid coronavirus pandemic

Need suggestions on how to get through the COVID-19 pandemic? Look no further, Pluto the “talking” Schnauzer is here.

“I’m getting the feeling that there’s a time of crisis for the two-legged,” the adorable furry pup says in a video posted to Facebook. “I thought I could share some perspectives from the four-legged and maybe that could help you.”

The 13-year-old dog suggests tossing around a tennis ball around before confessing she’s confused about why all there is a shortage of toilet paper in the country, an issue she doesn’t have thanks to her mom.

“…What she does for me is she cuts the hair on my bum really, really, really short and then so stuff just, it just comes straight out and then there’s no worry.”

And for those worried about food, Pluto’s got you covered too.

“It’s really easy for snacks, you just go sniffing around a little bit and if you live near a little school or something, even if it’s closed, there’s going to be some leftover snacks around there for sure,” she says.

Pluto ends the video urging humans to “be good to each other” and “practice social distancing.”

“You shouldn’t sniff other people’s legs and really shouldn’t sniff their crotches until this whole thing is over,” she advises.

Of course, Pluto isn’t actually a talking dog, though she looks like she is due to an editing program. It’s her human, Nancie Wight, who handles all the technicalities.

More videos of the cute canine are viewable on the Facebook page PlutoLiving and on Instagram

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