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Thieves attempting to break into a Piggly Wiggly Mission Impossible style only succeed in creating world’s worst skylight

If you ever watched the scene in Mission Impossible where Tom Cruise elegantly lowers himself from the ceiling to save the day and thought to yourself “I can totally do that,” please give yourself a much needed reality check. That’s because a group of thieves already tried and failed so spectacularly at it, they made the local paper.

Dateline: Tullahoma, TN.

The Tullahoma News reports that a gaggle of Cruise-inspired thieves tried breaking into a Piggly Wiggly… of all places… by recreating that very same scene from Mission Impossible.

Meaning, they cut holes into the roof and tried lowering themselves in with ropes. Perhaps even as one member stayed behind to dramatically hum the theme song while serving as lookout.

Well, in short, they shouldn’t quit their day jobs because even after cutting multiple holes into the roof in order to get inside, they failed to gain access.

So, the thieves packed up their tools and left empty handed. They did, however, manage to leave one heck of a surprise for store employees the following morning.

According to the police report, “They came into the store in the morning and found water pouring through the roof in several places. Water had leaked onto merchandise in several areas causing damage.”

Damages are believed to cap out at $1,000, but that’s not counting the water-damaged inventory.

The suspects remain at large.

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