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Bear Spray, 1; Marijuana Store Robbers, 0

Bear spray not only repels bears, it does a pretty good job on would-be thieves, too.

As reported by KCPQ TV in Seattle, Washington, Chris Vincent was closing up his marijuana shop, Marijuana Club 99, in Everett, Washington Saturday night when three masked men burst into the store, at least one of whom was brandishing a semi-automatic handgun.

As shown on the in-store security video of the incident, one of the men ordered Vincent to open the register while the other two began stuffing their bags with merchandise.

But Vincent kept his cool. “I noticed the guy was a little bit away from me,” he said, “so I grabbed the bear spray.”

Mind you, bear spray isn’t your everyday, pocket-sized can of mace. It’s pepper spray on steroids that usually comes in a hairspray-sized can and shoots a stream of nasty as far as 30 feet or more.

Which is no doubt why Vincent keeps some on a shelf under the register. All it took was a face full of the stuff to send the robbers stumbling and running out of the store.

“They were so confused they couldn’t even get the doors open,” said Vincent.

It’s pretty funny to watch, but no laughing matter. Just eight days earlier, armed robbers stole thousands of dollars of merchandise from Vincent’s store, holding his employees at gunpoint.

Local police are asking for the public’s help in identifying and apprehending the culprits.

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