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Gas prices may be 16 cents more expensive than last year, but that price gap has been shrinking steadily. It’s the smallest year-over-year difference seen in two months.

At $50/bbl (West Texas Intermediate), crude oil prices are at their cheapest point in a year. That, plus steady gasoline stock levels and low demand have helped to push the national average lower – a dime cheaper than three weeks ago.

Today’s national gas price average is $2.44. That is four cents cheaper than last week and 16 cents cheaper than last month. Motorists across the country can find gas for less than $2.25 at 1 in 3 (38%) of all gas stations.

On the week gas prices are as much as nine cents cheaper in the Great Lakes and Central region, but as much as 23 cents more expensive year-over-year.

Regional gasoline stocks built by 700,000 bbl, pushing total stocks to 58.6 million bbls, per Energy Information Administration (EIA) data. Regional stock levels have not been this healthy since March 2019. Stocks are expected to increase this month and push gas prices even cheaper, with the potential for more states in the region selling gas under the $2/gallon mark.

  Monday Sunday Week Ago Month Ago One Year Ago
National $2.432 $2.435 $2.470 $2.595 $2.278
Wisconsin $2.305 $2.310 $2.342 $2.463 $2.187
Appleton $2.263 $2.268 $2.281 $2.437 $2.128
Eau Claire $2.355 $2.357 $2.436 $2.552 $2.166
Green Bay $2.281 $2.283 $2.318 $2.453 $2.147
Janesville-Beloit $2.224 $2.217 $2.252 $2.404 $2.177
La Crosse $2.379 $2.381 $2.381 $2.521 $2.201
Madison $2.269 $2.272 $2.311 $2.407 $2.158
Milwaukee $2.230 $2.235 $2.269 $2.414 $2.192
Wausau $2.330 $2.330 $2.369 $2.486 $2.180

Click here to view current gasoline price averages

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