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Traffic Stop Turns to Felony Charge

Feel free to make your own “long arm of the law” joke here.

A simple traffic stop last week turned into a felony arrest for an unidentified 34-year-old man in Scottville, Michigan.

As reported by the Mason County Press, sheriff’s deputies stopped the driver the morning of November 21 for unspecified reasons.  But the trouble began when the driver was asked to show his driver’s license.

Not only did he refuse, he “rolled the deputy’s arm up in his window while he was attempting to lock himself in his vehicle,” according to Mason County Sheriff Kim Cole.

Free tip for everyone — that tactic seldom works.  It certainly didn’t here.  Not only was the driver cited for operating a motor vehicle without a license, a misdemeanor, he was also booked on a felony charge of resisting and opposing police.

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