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Survey says 12% of American adults have been broken up with via video call

While someone breaking up with you via text is pretty cold, and via phone is marginally better — though still pretty chilly — a new survey shows video chatting is becoming more popular in giving that not-so-special someone the ol’ heave-ho.

According to a survey from visual communications company Prezi, 12 percent of American adults have been broken up with by video call. It’s a fate men suffer three times more often than their female counterparts, incidentally, 18 vs 6 percent.

In the work world, video conferences have their own pitfalls. One in six U.S. employees, or about 16 percent, say they’ve fallen asleep during a video conference for work.

What’s more, the survey of more than 1,100 adults noted that 24 minutes is the ideal length of a video conference call.  After 18 minutes, the average employee says their mind starts to wander.

Speaking of the latter, 48 percent of those polled have cooked or eaten food while watching a video conference call presentation for work.  Also, female employees are twice as likely as their male counterparts to say they’ve worn pajamas during a video conference call presentation, by 26 to 13 percent.

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