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Massive Dragonfly Swarms Showing Up on Radar

Dragonfly swarms are so intense in some parts of the nation, they’re showing up on radar.

The National Weather Service says immensely large dragonfly swarms were reported across Pennsylvania, Ohio, and Indiana on Tuesday.

The agency tweeted a video of the swarms as they appeared on weather radar. They look almost like clouds, slowly moving across the affected states. However, the NWS didn’t exactly reveal what the cloud-like objects were and simply asked their followers to guess.

“While we are not biological experts, we have determined (through input from our followers) that it’s most likely dragonflies mixed with other insects/birds,” the agency later revealed in a subsequent tweet.

So what’s causing these dragonflies to cluster together into enormous swarms? Migration.

The massive groups — comprised of millions of dragonflies — band together, hovering 50 to 100 feet off the ground, and fly in a singular direction until they reach their destination.

The good thing is, the skies above those states weren’t darkened by clouds of insects for very long. In fact, these swarms happen so quickly, entomologists find them extremely hard to study. So — there’s that.

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