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Case of the “Drive By Cupcake” Incident

A Lexington, Oklahoma man is being charged with a misdemeanor count of assault and battery with a pastry, reports KFOR.

It was a cupcake tossed from a moving car that led to the charge filed this week against 31-year-old Trevor Pearson in Garvin County District Court.

The alleged drive-by pastry attack was actually reported to have occurred back on May 19, but charges were just filed. Pearson is accused of throwing a cupcake at a man, hitting him in the face.

According to a police affidavit, Pearson was the passenger in a vehicle that was heading into a construction zone along I-35 in Garvin County. As the lane narrowed and the female driver began to slow down, another driver sped past her and someone inside flipped her off.

Investigators say Pearson threw a cupcake at the other driver, hitting him in the face. Even though the other driver wasn’t injured, they chose to press charges.

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