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Man Receives Jail Time for Slapping Pizza Owner Over Toppings

A Michigan man is going to jail for assaulting a pizza chain manager because he wasn’t happy with his toppings.

Joseph Thorpe of Livonia recently ordered a $5 pizza from his local Little Caesars. But when he got home, he saw it was topped with Italian seasoning, not the Parmesan that he expected.

The manager, Kelsi Beckwith, told WXYZ-TV in Detroit that Thorpe first called the store to complain. She told him that he could receive a refund or a new pizza.  Thorpe decided to return to the pizzeria, where he threw his pie on the counter and began threatening the staff.

“I got my coworker to call the police because he was threatening everyone,” Beckwith told WXYZ. “I was getting ready to refund his money and, next think you know, I turned back towards him, he legit stepped into it, brought his hand back as far as he could and slapped the crap outta me.”

Some customers rushed to Beckwith’s aid, while another snapped a photo of Thorpe’s license plate.

The picture helped Livonia police track Thorpe down. He was charged with assault and battery and sentenced to 20 days behind bars.

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