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Garfield Phones Ahoy!

Good news! The years-long mystery of the seaside Garfield phones as finally been solved.

For the past 35 years, according to the BBC, hundreds of the orange plastic phones in the likeness of the famous lasagna-loving cartoon cat have been regularly washing ashore on the coast of Brittany, in northwest France. The phones were sold in the 1980s and have since become a collectors’ item, selling online for $50 or more. Working versions not wrapped in seaweed, that is.

The big question: where were they all coming from? A lost shipping container was always suspected, but it wasn’t until renewed media attention by a local anti-litter group caught the attention of a local farmer that the mystery was solved.

The farmer reportedly remembered seeing the first Garfield phone wash ashore after a storm in the 1980s. He also knew the location of the shipping container — apparently lost a sea during the storm, as suspected, only to wind up in a nearby cave that was submerged during high tide.

The anti-litter group checked out the cave and, sure enough, found the rusted remains of the busted shipping container — as well as lots of the bright-orange Garfield phones.

Rather than clean up the cave, for now the anti-litter group says they’ll continue to keep their eyes open for Garfield on the beaches.

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