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Library Receives WAY Overdue Book

Pretty much all of us have been guilty at least once of not returning a book to the library on time. But pretty much none of us have ever been this overdue.

Last month, the Silver Spring branch of Maryland’s Rockville County Public Library system received the return of a clearly well-loved copy of the children’s book The Postman, by author Charlotte Kuh. As described on the library system’s Facebook page, a letter accompanying the book revealed that the sender’s parents had first checked it out for her when she was two or three years old — in 1946.

That’s right — the book was 73 years overdue.

“[T]he family had to move on short notice and the book was packed up with the rest of their things,” the library writes, explaining how the book had become overlooked, and then apparently lost.

“Welcome home dear book,” the post concludes. “Good thing we no longer charge late fines for children’s material!”

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Wacky But True: Man Loses It Over Eaten Pretzels

A man in the UK was waiting for his car to be repaired when he opened up a bag of pretzels. Halfway through the bag he had to use the restroom. When he came back he discovered his pretzel bag was empty. The four other people in the repair shop waiting area wouldn’t say who ate the guy’s pretzels, so he picked up his chair and threw it through the repair shop’s front glass window. Police were called and the man was arrested.

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No Such Thing as Mid-Life Crisis

Forget about the “mid-life crisis”; according to a ten-year study there’s no such thing. Researchers say middle age is actually the best time of life for the vast majority of people. In the past it was thought middle age brought with it stress about health and personal turmoil. Instead, the study claims most people enjoy a good sense of control and well-being about their lives. As for the sports car and younger woman fantasy of a typical male mid-life crisis, nine-in-ten men surveyed said they had never experienced such a thing.

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Sledding Teen Collides with Rat in Mid-Air

A Canadian teenager sledding on a hill (in Victoria, British Columbia) had his GoPro camera running when he got into a mid-air collision with a rat. Cole Salsman, who’s 17, recorded the moment he went over a ramp on his sled and collided with the critter. The rodent bounced off the sled, landed in the snow and quickly ran away.


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Lakefront Brewery rolls out an exceptional bourbon barrel Doppelbock

Workbench_Doppelbock.jpgThe next barrel-aged release from Lakefront Brewery, Milwaukee, Wisconsin, is a beautiful bourbon barrel-aged Doppelbock. “You’re going to taste some notes of dried fruit and golden-brown biscuit in this liquid,” says Lakefront Brewery’s Head Brewer, Luther Paul. “We used roasted Munich malts and aged it six months in bourbon barrels.”

Aging for half-a-year, the Doppelbock has picked up vanilla, oak, black pepper and, of course, bourbon sweetness. “This will be a limited run and when it’s gone, it’s gone,” states Michael Stodola, Brand Manager at Lakefront. “Our barrel program is excellent, in that we’re constantly testing the biology of the liquid – when it goes into barrels, before it comes out, in the bright tank and finally in bottle. Our lab work is excellent, and our batches don’t always pass the rigors of such high standards. This Doppelbock is clean, tasty and cellar certified.”

Bourbon barrel-aged Doppelbock is being packaged mid-February and released on March 1st. It’s a 9% ABV beer with an IBU of 20. It features Munich malts and Mt. Hood hops.

Lakefront Brewery, Inc. distributes its products to over 30 states, Ukraine, South Korea, Sweden, China, Japan and Canada. Lakefront Brewery, Inc. produced the first beer in the United States made from 100% in-state-grown ingredients, including a first-of-its-kind, indigenous Wisconsin yeast strain (Wisconsinite Summer Weiss), the first certified organic brewery and the first gluten-free beer granted label approval by the U.S. Government (New Grist).


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11 Winter Driving Safety Tips

1. Keep jumper cables or battery booster cables on hand. Sometimes you need a little jump when the temperature drops. A portable jumpstarter is a lightweight and powerful way to instantly jump – start your vehicle without the need of another vehicle. It also fits easily in the backseat or trunk of your car.

2. Include a pocket knife for added tools. Keep it along with a first aid kit and double check your kit is fully supplied. A Swiss Army Pocket Knife includes all the tools you might need if you get stranded: large blade, small blade, can opener with small screwdriver, bottle opener with large screwdriver, scissors, pliers with wire cutter, Phillips screwdriver and more.

3. Dress warmly by wearing layers of lightweight clothing. Also have an extra set of mittens, socks and a hat in the car in case you or a passenger forget them. Grabber Mega Warmers are also a good idea for instant warmth.

4. Flashlights with extra batteries are always great to have on hand. It gets dark early this time of year, be prepared if you need an extra light. The Rayovac 2D Industrial Flashlight with Batteries resists chemicals, grease, oil, water and corrosion. It even has a place to keep a spare bulb in case the old one burns out.

5. Have a distress sign, a brightly colored cloth, reflectors, or combination of the three in your vehicle if you get stuck and have to wait for help. Reflectors or even flares are advised in cases of harder snow. A warning triangle is great to place near your stranded vehicle for safety and visibility.

6. Have extra blankets or sleeping bags in the back or trunk. These will provide extra warmth if stranded. The Schumacher Heated Blanket is 100% polar fleece with quick warm-up time, heated by a standard vehicle cigarette socket plug.

7. Find a small shovel you can keep specifically in your car at all times. During snowy weather a shovel like the Suncast Telescoping Snow Shovel will help get you out if your vehicle gets stuck in the snow. At only 34″ long, this shovel fits easily into your trunk so you can forget about it until you need it.

8. Create a medium bag of kitty litter, sand, or carpet strips to have in case you get stuck. You can sprinkle the kitty litter or place the strips down for additional traction.

9. Pack high energy foods like nuts, or canned and dried fruit. Water and instant beverages are also suggested.

10. Matches, candles, and a 3 pound empty coffee can will provide a pan for melting snow and even heating food if stranded.

11. During the winter months wiper blades like Rain – X Latitude Water Repellency Wiper Blades are engineered for proper contact with the windshield to avoid streaking and improper wiping.

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Wisconsin FFA Foundation Opens 2019 Chapter Grant Applications – Entries Due March 22nd

The Wisconsin FFA Foundation has opened the application period for the 2019 Chapter Grants. Five opportunities are available to FFA chapters around the state due to generous funding from Foundation sponsors.

The Foundation’s 2019 Chapter Grant Program is available in these categories: AgCountry Chapter Grant, Bethany L. Rieth Memorial Community Service, Burton H. Morris Chapter Grant, Food for America, and WAXX/Wisconsin Farm Report Network with Pam Jahnke Convention Grant.

Chapter grants encourage Wisconsin FFA chapters to develop individual and cooperative activities which will enhance their communities.

New in 2019, the AgCountry Chapter Grant is available to FFA chapters in the AgCountry service area, located in north-central Wisconsin. Eligible chapters are listed on the grant application. The grant can be applied for any area of need or project a chapter may have, up to $500.

“We are proud to support FFA in Wisconsin,” says AgCountry CEO Marc Knisely. “This organization helps develop and transform students into young leaders by building skillsets and providing learning opportunities. FFA is a vital contributor to the health of agriculture and our rural communities.”

The Community Service Grant is available due to generous donations to the Bethany L. Rieth Memorial Fund, which was established in the Past State FFA Officer’s honor after her sudden passing in February 2016. These annual grants given in Bethany’s name will be awarded to support chapters in completing meaningful service projects that make a difference in their communities.

The Food for America Grant is funded once again by the Wisconsin FFA Foundation’s long-time Two-Star Mission Partner, Organic Valley/CROPP Cooperative, Inc. This grant supports activities which inform and educate others about food systems, production and healthy choices.

In its second year, the Burton H. Morris Chapter Grant is available to FFA programs with a land base in Adams County. There are no program restrictions on this grant. The funding is through a gift from the Burton H. Morris estate after the lifelong Adams’ County resident’s passing in 2016.

Also in its second year, the Convention Grant is made possible by the WAXX/Wisconsin Farm Report Network with Pam Jahnke. It is open to FFA chapters across Wisconsin whose members have financial restraints which prevent them from attending the Wisconsin FFA Convention held each June in Madison.

To be eligible for a 2019 Wisconsin FFA Foundation Chapter Grant, FFA chapters must be in good standing with the Wisconsin Association of FFA and submit a completed application to the Wisconsin FFA Foundation by March 22, 2019. The application can be found on the Wisconsin FFA Foundation website under “Chapter Grants” (

For more information, please contact the Wisconsin FFA Foundation at 608-831-5058 or by emailing:

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Wacky But True: Deer Busts Into Bar

An deer is nursing a hangover after police were called to remove it from a bar in Oshawa, Ontario, Canada. Security camera footage shows the one-year-old stag crashing through a window into the bar at around 11:15 AM Sunday. The deer was tranquilized and taken to a wildlife vet to have its wounds bandaged up. It will be back in the woods soon.