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Library Receives WAY Overdue Book

Pretty much all of us have been guilty at least once of not returning a book to the library on time. But pretty much none of us have ever been this overdue.

Last month, the Silver Spring branch of Maryland’s Rockville County Public Library system received the return of a clearly well-loved copy of the children’s book The Postman, by author Charlotte Kuh. As described on the library system’s Facebook page, a letter accompanying the book revealed that the sender’s parents had first checked it out for her when she was two or three years old — in 1946.

That’s right — the book was 73 years overdue.

“[T]he family had to move on short notice and the book was packed up with the rest of their things,” the library writes, explaining how the book had become overlooked, and then apparently lost.

“Welcome home dear book,” the post concludes. “Good thing we no longer charge late fines for children’s material!”

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