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Fisherman finds WWII hand grenade, tosses into trunk, drives to Taco Bell

What would you do if you found a World War II hand grenade? One Florida fisherman tossed it into his trunk and then drove to a crowded Taco Bell restaurant before calling police.

The unidentified man called police around 5 p.m. Saturday and said he discovered the explosive device while magnet fishing in Ocklawaha. He then put it in the trunk of his vehicle, according to police.

The authorities arrived and evacuated the restaurant, according to the Ocala Police Department, after which the Marion County Sheriff’s Office bomb squad removed the grenade without incident. They later disposed of it safely, and the Taco Bell eventually reopened for business.

A a tweet from the Ocala Police Department includes a photo of the gunk-encrusted grenade.

In case you’re wondering, magnet fishing is a kind of treasure hunting hobby in which you use strong magnets to latch onto and retrieve metal debris from bodies of water.

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