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Florida woman robs mailman with toy gun and flees on tricycle

A woman in Collier County, Florida was arrested on Saturday evening for pointing a plastic gun at people while riding a tricycle, and also for stealing a package from a postal truck, reports WFLA.

Responding deputies pulled their cruiser alongside Leida Crisostomo, who was riding the tricycle and holding a black and silver handgun. They told her to drop the gun, which she did. Then, the woman rolled into the grass and put her hands behind her back, according to deputies.

Once she was handcuffed, Crisostomo told the officers that she was “God” and that voices in her head were telling her to do things.

One victim told deputies that Crisostomo had pointed the fake weapon at a mailman and forced him out of his truck. The postal worker handed her a package, then Crisostomo hopped back on her three-wheeler and rode down the sidewalk.

Police returned the package to the postal worker, and they arrested Crisostomo for armed robbery and aggravated assault with a deadly weapon.

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