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China’s Most Beautiful Criminal Surrenders to Police

A 19-year-old robbery suspect has turned herself into police after earning the title “China’s Most Beautiful Criminal” while she was on the run.

According to the South China Morning Post, 19-year-old , Qingchen Jingjing was allegedly part of a gang who targeted usually drunk guys at bars and tea houses; she and her accomplices would reportedly scam the men out of money.

On November 20, cops circulated her picture to seek the public’s help in nabbing her — however, the photo soon went viral for another reason: Jingjing’s looks.

“She could earn much more being a livestreamer than a bar scammer. Being a scammer is very hard work,” snarked one user on Weibo, the Chinese equivalent of Twitter.

Incidentally, it was that same social media platform that investigators used to announce her arrest.

Jingjing’s situation sparked immediate comparisons to ex-con Jeremy Leeks, who became known as America’s “Hot Felon” when his mugshot was circulated by the authorities. He’s since gone on to model for various outlets.

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