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An American Werewolf in Wisconsin


The Bray Road Beast roars to life in the first full trailer for new film from Small Town Monsters


In 1989 a country road outside of the Wisconsin town of Elkhorn became the center of a media frenzy unlike anything the world had ever seen. “People were seeing, what looked to them, like a werewolf…” said Linda Godfrey the newspaper reporter who brought the story to light in a local publication called “The Week”. In fact, many people -locals and out-of-towners alike- had sightings and encounters with the creature that came to be known as The Beast of Bray Road. Many of these sightings were largely ignored or under-reported… that is, until October 5th when the new documentary film, The Bray Road Beast will unlock decades of history relating to “werewolf” sightings around the US.


The film explores not only the infamous Elkhorn creature sightings but also centuries of Werewolf legends and myths from across the globe. From the predominant theory that witnesses merely saw an undiscovered species of large wolves to more bizarre aspects of the phenomena, no stone is left unturned in this 66 minute film, shot on location in and around Wisconsin. The seventh film from award-winning filmmaker, Seth Breedlove, arrives on streaming platforms and DVD.


The film captures the sighting stories of real eyewitnesses, investigators,  and historians to tell the centuries-worth of history surrounding one of the world’s oldest myths… and it’s possible roots in reality. Today, the second trailer for the film has been unveiled. Delving quickly into the frightening nature of the early sightings, while hinting at their possible supernatural origins, the trailer looks to introduce audiences to what will likely be their first brush with Canid cryptids. The Bray Road Beast will have a special sneak-preview screening at HorrorHound Indianapolis on Saturday, August 25th far ahead of it’s official release on October 5th.


The Bray Road Beast reunites the Small Town Monsters crew of director, Seth Breedlove, cinematographer, Zac Palmisano, sound designer, Jason Utes, and composers Brandon Dalo (The Mothman of Point Pleasant) and Chris Dudley (Underoath) with author and musician, Lyle Blackburn who will narrate the film. Blackburn previously narrated the Small Town Monsters productions, The Mothman of Point Pleasant and Boggy Creek Monster. Mark Matzke co-writes while Adrienne Breedlove acts as a producer. The titular “beast” will appear onscreen in dramatic, animated sequences, as well as live-action recreations with a number of different creature designs by Chris Scalf and Santino Vitale.

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Trees Suffer During Prolonged Drought


August is usually hot and dry – with the exception of the all-too-frequent sudden thunderstorms – and brings about a certain lethargy when it comes to yardwork.

“Who wants to work outside in this heat?” you may ask as you languish in the shade of a tree with a pitcher of mint juleps.

But even to have that shade oasis growing healthy in your landscape, it is important to take some simple proactive steps to ensure its longevity – especially during times of drought.

“While it’s impossible to keep every tree in good health during severe drought, taking a proactive approach for a prized tree or one for which you have sentimental attachment can prevent long-term damage,” advises Tchukki Andersen, CTSP, BCMA and staff arborist with the Tree Care Industry Association. “A tree that is supported with good cultural practices, preemptive monitoring for pests and diseases, and appropriate responses to warning signs will have an increased chance of survival.”

Silent Suffering: Drought damage starts beneath the soil line, in the form of root damage, long before any outward signs of trouble. After a tree’s unsuccessful attempt to conserve water by closing leaf stomata (pores), its feeder roots die back, sometimes so drastically that the tree is unable to absorb enough water to support itself. Such drought stress may lead to tree death, but usually the signs of stress are much less dramatic. “Leaves are undersized and may wilt, yellow, curl or crinkle, and may be marginally scorched or even turn brown and drop early,” explains Andersen. “Emergent shoots are short. In an effort to right the imbalance caused by root-loss, crown dieback or a general thinning of the canopy occurs.”

Opportunistic pests and diseases: This is when “opportunistic” pests make their move. Boring insects are thought to be drawn to the chemical and acoustic signals of stressed trees. The sound of the tree’s breaking water columns cues the borer to invade the tree and lay eggs. Andersen recommends applying a 3-inch layer of composted wood chip mulch on the ground over the root zone at least out to the drip line (the ground under the outer edge of the branch spread). This will hold moisture longer for stressed roots to access, and will provide a long-term nutritional source for the soil. Prized or important trees may be protected from wood-boring insects with spray or injection chemicals, but they should be treated before becoming drought-stressed.

Stressed trees are also vulnerable to fungal pathogens. Andersen notes that when a chemical change in the tree signals a weakened state, certain pathogens penetrate the bark and cambial zone (tissues responsible for secondary growth of stems and roots) with fan-like, leathery clumps, cutting off the tree’s water supply.

While all trees are at risk during long periods of drought, some are more susceptible to its effects. New transplants are highly vulnerable to drought stress, so supplemental watering for the first few years of establishment is necessary, to the extent that it is allowed. Trees already under stress, such as those on dry slopes, surrounded by pavement or improperly planted, are at high risk of decline.

Watering trees deeply with soaker hoses or irrigation systems – as opposed to brief, surface watering – helps sustain trees. But with so many trees affected and potential water bans in effect for many areas, Andersen recommends watering only those trees that you can help. How much water a home landscape needs depends upon its soil, sun and shade exposure, types of plants, irrigation system and local climate. How much water a tree requires is also dependent on its species. Applying the right amount of water, based on the local weather and the tree’s actual need, is the key to using water efficiently. Water trees and lawn separately, providing what each needs specifically.

What else can be done under local water restrictions?

  • Mulch: 3-inch layer out to the drip line. (see more above)
  • Reduce or eliminate the use of high-nitrogen fertilizers. High-nitrogen fertilizers contain salts that can damage stressed tree tissues. Also, nitrogen fertilizers push new tree growth, which can exhaust tree energy when stressed.
  • Prune out only dead wood to reduce attacks by insect and disease pests. Do not remove live tree tissues until tree health improves.
  • Prevent any further stress from construction activities, lawn herbicide applications, or foot-traffic over the root zone.

Outlook: The aftereffects of drought may last three to five years, with the strongest trees surviving. Trees have developed their own mechanisms for coping with these cycles, but some trees are on the brink of survival and could go either way. “If it means the difference between keeping a tree around for your lifetime or losing it in the next five years,” Andersen says, “it’s worth doing something about.”

Find a professional

A professional arborist can assess your landscape and work with you to determine the best course of action to care for and maintain the trees and shrubs in your landscape. Contact the Tree Care Industry Association, a public and professional resource on trees and arboriculture since 1938. TCIA has more than 2,400 member tree care firms and affiliated companies. All member tree care companies recognize stringent safety and performance standards and are required to carry liability insurance and workers’ compensation insurance, where applicable.

TCIA has the nation’s only Accreditation program that helps consumers find tree care companies that have been inspected and accredited based on: adherence to industry standards for quality and safety; maintenance of trained, professional staff; and dedication to ethics and quality in business practices. An easy way to find a tree care service provider in your area is to use the “Find A Tree Care Company” program. You can use this service by calling 1-800-733-2622 or by doing a ZIP Code search on

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Drive Sober or Get Pulled Over Campaign Begins

Hundreds of law enforcement agencies across Wisconsin will patrol in greater numbers for longer hours looking for impaired drivers during the “Drive Sober or Get Pulled Over” campaign that begins Friday, August 17 and continues through Labor Day, September 3. As part of the annual event, WisDOT will utilize federal funds to support public education and outreach, and step-up law enforcement efforts throughout the state.

“The Labor Day weekend means additional traffic and greater potential for impaired drivers, who jeopardize the safety of everyone along our roadways,” said Wisconsin Department of Transportation (WisDOT) Secretary Dave Ross. “During this summer initiative and throughout the year, we need all motorists to travel safely and responsibly.”

Last year in Wisconsin, alcohol-related crashes resulted in 161 deaths and more than 3,000 injuries. Also last year, there were over 24,200 traffic convictions in Wisconsin for operating a motor vehicle impaired. While alcohol-impaired driving remains a concern, many states including Wisconsin have seen an increase in drugged driving – people whose ability to safely operate a motor vehicle is compromised by legal or illegal drugs including opioids, prescription and over-the-counter medications. To help combat the problem:

  • WisDOT oversees 25 multi-jurisdictional, high-visibility OWI enforcement task forces that operate year-round across the state.
  • To help detect and remove impaired drivers from roadways, nearly 3,800 Wisconsin law enforcement officers have been trained in Advanced Roadside Impaired Driving Enforcement (ARIDE).
  • Wisconsin has 276 highly-trained Drug Recognition Experts – among the most in the nation.

Things citizens can do:

  • If you see a driver suspected of being impaired, call 911. Provide as much detail as possible about the driver, vehicle, and location.
  • If you plan to celebrate, identify a sober designated driver. Never allow someone else to get behind the wheel impaired.
  • Download the free “Drive Sober” mobile app from the WisDOT website which includes a “find a ride” feature to help locate transportation alternatives.
  • Some taverns and restaurants have programs to provide patrons a safe ride home. Visit and click on “Safe Ride.”
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Manitowoc Balloon Glow

balloon_glow4.jpgDowntown Manitowoc is an awesome place to visit on warm summer nights.  Making one of those nights even better is when the Lakeshore Balloon Glow happens in August each year.  Colorful balloons fill up the night sky; kids enjoying a burger, fresh corn on the cob, bounce houses producing squeals of excitement from the kids all combine to excite all the senses. It is an awesome night to come downtown.

The 2018 Lakeshore Balloon Glow will take place on Friday, August 17 from 5 p.m. to 10 p.m. in downtown Manitowoc.  The event will feature live music, many activities for kids of all ages and various food vendors.  New this year will be a performance from the fire troupe, the Lakeside Luminaries.  They will entertain the crowd with exciting dance and fire juggling that will light up the downtown.

The star of this event is the actual balloon glow when you “feel the heat” at dusk as the hot air balloons are inflated and light up the riverfront! (Please note: the balloons do not leave the ground.)  Be sure and arrive early to get a great spot to watch the balloons.  Don’t leave after the balloons come down. Stay and enjoy the music, entertainment and kid’s activities including face-painting, inflatables, costumed characters and other fun.   Be sure to stay till the end of the night for a fireworks finale.

This event wouldn’t be possible without the support of downtown businesses, and our sponsors who make this event possible.   Stop and visit title sponsor Fox Communities Credit Union’s “Fox’s Color Wonder” hot air balloon and even step inside the Fox Mini balloon which lets you go inside one of the balloons.

Also sponsoring the Balloon Glow are the following: A & W Drive In, Allstates Rigging, Inc., Aspire Real Estate Group, LLC, Investors Community Bank, Kaeden Services/ Etched in Stone, Maritime Ford Lincoln, Michael’s Construction, Novak’s Service Center, RE/MAX Port Cities, Schaus Roofing & Mechanical, Seehafer Broadcasting, Soodsma Insurance Agency, Subway and Wilfert Farms.

The Lakeshore Balloon Glow is run by volunteers from Downtown Manitowoc.  For more than 20 years, Downtown Manitowoc has promoted it’s businesses and events through a volunteer organization comprised of interested business owners and others.


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Top 5 Things to Do on the Lakeshore This Weekend

The 71st Annual Newton Volunteer Firefighters Picnic is August 17th thru the 19th, with free admission to all events all weekend! Friday, Perch Plates start at 5:00pm, Super Farm & 9,500# open classs, Stock & Puller, Inc., modified Semi Tractors, 2.5 Modified Trucks, 14,500#Hobby Farm Class, Registration 4:00 -Pull 7:00pm, Music by Spitfire Rodeo 8:30pm. Saturday, Large consignment auction, selling in two rings small items and lawn equipment, starting at noon, bring a friend. Puller Inc, Modified Truck and Tractor Pulls, Powder Puff 4 x4 Dieseld class – Limit 10 Trucks, Puller Inc. Super Stock Gas 4×4 & Street Stock 4×4 Diesel, Puller In. 466 c.u. hot Farm & 640 c.u. Pro Farm classes, Stock & Puller Inc. modified Semi Tractors, Registration 4:00, pull 7:00, music by Johnny Wad at 8:30. Sunday, LARGE PARADE at 11:30 RAIN OR SHINE, Stock Farm Tractor Pull 1:30, Music by Carol and the Keynotes, Volleyball Tournament, and Kids Games ALL WEEKEND! For more information call 920-323-0987


The annual Lakeshore Balloon Glow is set for 5 to 10 p.m. Friday, August 17th along the Manitowoc River near the Eighth Street Bridge in the downtown area, 707 Quay St.  The event features live music by Dr Bombay, various food vendors and activities for kids of all ages, including a bounce house, slide, fire jugglers and balloon artist and fireworks.  At dusk, visitors can watch the hot air balloons as they are inflated.


The first Annual YMCA Tri-Family event will be held Saturday, August 18th at Neshotah Beach.  The Tri-Family event signifies the components of a triathlon – swim, bike and run. The event will start with a bike ride. Each participant will start with a bike ride. The second category will be a run race relay. From the bike drop station,participants will run back down the street to the shoe drop off station on the beach. This will begin our first run relay, which will include a beach ball race on the beach. The second run race relay will include a wheelbarrow race. Again, this event will be done on the beach. The last category will be a splash obstacle. there will be two events within this category. The first event will be a bucket challenge,incorporating water, buckets and running/walking. The last event will be the sponge dash. The sponge dash event will also incorporate water and bucket filling. When the participants are finished with all of the events, they will the have the option to “end” in the lake or they can find their places on the beach for a fun-filled day. There will also be an award for the best-dressed family, so use your creativity! Families should come wearing their swimsuits with clothes over for the bike and run. Fee: Family up to 4 members is $35.00, Additional Family Member is $5.00 This is open to everyone Packet pick up: Friday, August 17th (3:00-7:00pm) at the Manitowoc-Two Rivers YMCA Saturday, August 18th (7:30-8:15am) at Neshotah Park in Two Rivers, WI All Participants Receive: Medal after the race along with other beach items and snacks. Bib numbers are also included. Event Day order: 7:30-8:15 am – Packet pick up 8:15-8:25 – Introduction of event;families will get set up to start 8:30 -9:30 – Families will be given one hour to complete this event 9:30 – 9:45 – Award to the best-dressed family 9:45 – noon – Social, music, beach and fun Post race fun including activities, music, the beach and so much more.


The 2018 Belly Bumper Classic 6 Car and Motorcycle Show will be held Sunday, August 19th from 9am-4pm, rain or shine at Eaton Town Hall, 3063 S. County T (Hwy 29 East) Green Bay. There is NO PRE-REGISTRATION A family friendly day with burgers, brats, beer and Booyah!!!! Support the Denmark Fire Department! ENTERTAINMENT!!! Music plus the lovely belly dancer show! Have a picture taken with a belly dancer and your car for $1! TROPHIES!! You get to vote! Must be at Awards Presentation at 3pm, Sponsored by Almost Nuts, Auto Aces. Registration 9am to noon—$10 Dash plaques for the first 50 cars!


Holy Family Parish Picnic will be held on Sunday, August 19th at the Holy Family Grounds, 628 Menasha Street in Reedsville beginning with the 10:00am Polka Mass. Music by Jerry Voelker Orchestra and the County B Basement Boys, silent auction, free bingo, 50/50 raffle, bounce house and so many more activities along with food, refreshments, pie and ice cream.


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AAA Announces Contest for 8th Graders – 60 Students Will Will a Free European River Cruise

The contest runs from August 21 – September 21, 2018

AAA will give Wisconsin eighth graders the chance to go on the trip of a lifetime. The Auto Club Group will hold a contest where the winners receive free round trip airfare to Amsterdam, travel insurance, money for passports, and a river cruise through the Netherlands and Belgium.

The Auto Club Group is partnering with AMA Waterways and Allianz Global Assistance to provide the trip. A total of 60 students in select states will be chosen to go on what AAA calls the “Discovery Crew” cruise.  The contest runs from August 21 – September 21, 2018. During that time, students can enter at

To be eligible, students must be:

  • Entering the 8th grade in good standing
  • At least 13 years old
  • Reside in Florida, Georgia, Iowa, Michigan, Nebraska, North Dakota, Tennessee, Wisconsin, or select areas of Illinois, Indiana, or Minnesota.
  • Students can confirm eligibility when visiting

Winners will be selected based on:

  • A creative selfie, showcasing their love for travel
  • Their answers to three essay questions:
  1. Why do you want to go on this trip?
  2. How do rivers affect the communities through which they run?
  3. During the trip, you’ll meet many people. In what ways do you expect the people you meet to be similar to and different from yourself and your friends and family?

Winners will be notified beginning in October. Winning students get to bring one parent or legal guardian to serve as a chaperone. Each pair will share a cabin while sailing on the AMA Waterways “AmaDante” ship, from March 28 – April 4, 2019.

“This is the first time AAA has held a contest like this,” said Deborah Haas, Vice President, Travel Products and Services, AAA-The Auto Club Group.  “We truly want to inspire young travelers and make the world their classroom. The winners will explore beautiful destinations in The Netherlands and Belgium, learn about the people and their culture; and create memories that will last a lifetime.

“AAA is extremely excited to co-sponsor the contest and trip,” Haas continued. “This would not be possible without our travel partners AMA Waterways – who donated the cruise – and Allianz Global Assistance.”

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Top 5 Stories on Last Week

Tapped on the Lakeshore is set to open soon.  Read the full story here.

The female suspect in the case of the death of the 3 year old child in Manitowoc last week, admitted to police that she was using methamphetamine on the day the child died.  Read the full story here.

The 15th Bi-Annual Donate Life Transplant Games were held this week in Salt Lake City Utah, and a woman who recently underwent a double lung transplant represented the Lakeshore.  Read the full story here.