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Congrats to the Wife-Carrying World Champions

Congratulations to Vytautas Kirkliauskas and Neringa Kirkliauskiene.  The Lithuanian husband and wife are this year’s winners of the Wife-Carrying World Championships, which took place in the small Finnish town of Sonkajarvi Saturday, reports The Daily Mail.

The couple triumphed in the rather unusual race by Vytautas running, wading through a slippery pool and navigating an obstacle course while carrying wife Neringa on his back.

Mind you, this isn’t some get-drunk-and-stumble-through-it event.  While some competitors participate as a lark and even dress in costumes, top competitors like Vytautas and Neringa take challenge very seriously and are in equally serious athletic shape.

This year’s Wife-Carrying World Championships had fifty-three men from thirteen countries competing in the hour-long race. The competition, now in its 23rd year, draws thousands of visitors to the town of 4,200 and has a global following.

Vytautas and Neringa, who first competed in Sonkajarvi in 2005, defeated six-time world champion Taisto Miettinen of Finland.



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