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Ms. Space Debris Pageant-Call for Entries

The organizers of Sputnikfest are seeking contestants to vie for the title of Ms. Space Debris, Queen of all that is Sputnikfest—the glitteriest jewel in the tiara of what is arguably one of the top pageants in the entirety of Manitowoc County. Although the title is “Ms” Space Debris, contestants do not necessarily have to be of the female gender. All that is required is that they must be a “human life form.”

Like all pageants, Ms. Space Debris will be expected to exhibit talent, poise, grace, confidence and fashion sense above and beyond other members of the Galaxy.

The new Ms. Space Debris will receive a cash prize of $50 PLUS a prize package valued over $250, which consists of a flight lesson/instruction, courteously CAVU Flight Academy and one year of free haircuts, courtesy of Rose Colored Glasses Salon and Spa.

Ms. Space Debris will reign over Sputnikfest, faithfully executing the duties involved in being the monarch of an intergalactic festival, wearing a cosmic crown and wielding a space-age scepter, presiding over wacky, tacky events like the Sputnikfest costume contest and the alien pet competition, and participating in a handful of promotional events scattered throughout the following year.

This year’s pageant will be held on the night before Sputnikfest, September 7 at 8:30p, as part of Aliens in the Alley, and will consist of three (3) categories:

  • Space-Age evening attire
  • Display of talent (what is loosely referred to as talent)
  • A brief question-and-answer period (don’t worry…these questions were created in the spirit of Sputnikfest…wacky & tacky)

All interested parties should submit their candidacy to Paper registration forms are also available at the Rahr-West Art Museum.

This pageant is sponsored by Rose Colored Glasses Salon & Spa and CAVU Flight Academy.


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