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Lamest Things of All Time

Maxim magazine recently released a list of the lamest things of all time. The list includes:

• Dogs in handbags — The human body already carries around enough annoying little life forms, so don’t add another.

• Lottery winners with jobs — Let that oh-so-sweet Waffle House night manager gig go already.

• Vegan bacon — The key to good bacon is –– are you ready? — pork! And no matter how much you pretend you love soy, that won’t change.

• Cellphone/smarthphone holsters — Even on the heavy side a phone weighs almost nothing. You don’t need to holster it like a cop holsters a gun, okay?

• People who stop at the bottom of the escalator. The ride’s over. Please continue 20 more paces.

• Mandals (socks with sandals) — A crime against humanity.


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