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Entire Ghost Town for Sale

Sick of the rat race? Want to live out your childhood cowboys and Indians fantasies? Have $925,000 burning a hole in your pocket? Well, then, an entire California ghost town can — and should — be yours.

According to its listing on, the winning bidder will nab the entire 300-acre town of Cerro Gorda — that’s Spanish for “Fat Hill.”  Established in 1867, the former silver mining town, located near the town of Lone Pine, California is now abandoned, though the whole kit and caboodle can be yours, complete with 22 structures including a saloon, a chapel, a museum and all its artifacts.

Oh, and the mineral rights come included, too, if you want to try your hand at finding some overlooked precious metal.  There’s even a handy fly-by drone video of your new home.

“The site has been extremely well protected from diggers, artifact looters, and Mother Nature herself,” reads the online description, which also notes that “Restoration has been undertaken on most of the buildings, and the rest are in a state of protected arrested decay.”



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