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Burglar Breaks into Boxer’s Home

A burglar who tried sneaking into a Michigan home last week chose the wrong one — but only realized that the hard way when he met its owner, who happens to be a boxer.

Jonathen Abrams tells WDIV-TV that he was alerted to the stranger’s presence when Abrams’ teenage daughter called him to say a man had broken into the home.

“I instantly punched him, and he was out cold,” Abrams said, noting he fired up his Facebook live-stream right afterward, so, “everyone would clearly see this is not my fault.” The stream of the dazed suspect, and Abrams holding him until the cops arrive, has been viewed more than a million times.

Suspect Jacob Cruz, 32, was charged with breaking and entering, but Abrams insisted he tried to “grab up on my daughter.”

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