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Japan’s Slowest Rollercoaster Derails…and Passengers Don’t Even Notice!

In most cases, being on a roller coaster that derails in the middle of its ride would be terrifying. But in this case, it was nothing more than a slight inconvenience.

According to Sky News, on Friday, the Family Coaster at Arakawa Amusement Park in Tokyo came to a halt when it disengaged from its track. However, since the ride is billed as the “slowest roller coaster in Japan,” few passengers seemed to notice that there was an issue.

“The coaster was moving so slowly, I didn’t notice it had stopped,” said a woman in her thirties who was riding with her 6-year-old son.

In fact, it wasn’t until amusement park workers started banging on the ride with hammers while attempting to push the coaster that the riders realized there was even a problem.

Eventually, rescue workers were called, and the 19 riders, who were stuck about 16 feet above the ground, were let down to safety.


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