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Mayhem Ensues After a Woman Breaks Into Car Dealership to Sleep

In yet another example of why smoking is bad for your health, a Florida woman is behind bars tonight after being arrested for breaking into a vehicle at a car dealership to sleep in it, and then accidentally setting the car on fire with a lit cigarette as she was locked inside.

Deputies responded to a report of a suspicious incident at the dealership on Monday. When they arrived, they found 62-year-old Dolores Graham inside of one of the dealership’s vehicles.

According to a Facebook post and body cam video released by the Marion County Sheriff’s Office, “Graham told deputies that she illegally entered the car to sleep and locked herself inside. She had tossed a cigarette underneath the front seat of the car, which caught on fire. Graham stated she was unable to unlock the doors so she attempted to smash out the front windshield with her hands and feet.”

The post continues, “Sgt. Micah Moore responded to the scene and was able to get Graham to press the correct unlocked button and he removed her from the vehicle. A fire extinguisher was then used to put the fire out. Graham was transported to the Marion County Jail.”

Graham was charged with burglary of an unoccupied structure and felony criminal mischief.

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