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Charges Filed After Teen Thieves Get Stuffed in Trunk of Car at Gunpoint

Best to leave the whole chasing criminals thing to the cops.

A woman and two men in Cleveland have been charged with felonious assault and kidnapping after chasing down a couple of alleged teen car thieves, throwing them in the trunk of a vehicle, and driving them to a police station.

According to, it all started when two 14-year-old boys stole a Chrysler that belonged to the mother of one of the men who was later arrested. Using a GPS locator inside the car, the three adults tracked down the Chrysler and told the kids, “You stole the wrong car!” They subsequently fired some shots into the vehicle, causing the teens to drive off and eventually crash into a townhouse.

The adults then ordered the teens at gunpoint to get into the trunk of one of the cars and drove them to to the Cleveland Police Fourth District headquarters.The teens were arrested, but so were two of the adults.  The third adult, who drove off, was later arrested near the crash site.



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