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Ex-Cop Suing NYPD for Making Him Fat

He swears it wasn’t the doughnuts. Or the pizza. Or the Hostess Twinkies.

The New York Post reports a former New York City Police officer who retired and went on disability at age 43 is suing the NYPD, claiming the job made him fat.

Jose Vega, 46, is a former Marine who first joined the NYPD in 1997 when he weighed 180 pounds.

Now Vega, who is 5’ 10” and used to work in the Bronx’s 42nd Precinct, weighs in around 360 pounds.

Vega said, “I went from 250 to 395 pounds in one year,” he said.

Vega insists it was not his eating habits but the slew of health problems brought by the stress of his former police job that led to his massive weight gain.

Warren Roth, Vega’s lawyer, said the job of a cop isn’t conducive to healthy eating.

“It’s easier to pull into McDonald’s and wolf something down when you’re busy,’’ he said.

Vega called it quits in 2014 as the stress and his weight soared.

He retired on $4,000-a-month disability. The following year, he applied for three-quarters disability and argued that his condition was caused by his police work.

But the medical board did not agree: They determined that only about 10 percent of his medical condition was related to job stress.

Vega defends his eating habits and insists his obesity came from ventricular hypertrophy. “It’s when you suffer from hypertension. Your heart starts to thicken. It’s from stress,’’ he said. “I’m not a diabetic. … I don’t eat nothing sweet.”

The NYPD declined comment on the suit. A city Law Department rep said, “We’ll review Mr. Vega’s complaint.”

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UW-Manitowoc invites community to view recently renovated spaces during March 7 open house

UW Manitowoc - 2.JPGA ribbon cutting ceremony followed by an open house celebrating the completion of a $7 million UW-Manitowoc renovation project will be held at 5 p.m. on Wednesday, March 7 at the campus, 705 Viebahn St., Manitowoc.

A brief program will include remarks by the following speakers:

  • Bob Ziegelbauer, Manitowoc County Executive
  • Ray Cross, UW System President
  • Cathy Sandeen, UW Colleges and UW-Extension Chancellor
  • Martin Rudd, UW Colleges Northeast Regional Executive Officer and Dean
  • Laurie Crawford, UW-Manitowoc Foundation President

The renovation was a partnership between Manitowoc County, which approved $5 million for the project, and the State of Wisconsin, which provided an additional $1.5 million for fixtures, equipment and previously planned energy-saving building modifications. Private donors also supported the project through the UW-Manitowoc Foundation. The general contractor was A.C.E. Building Service, Inc.

This investment in the campus included moving and updating the library; creating a new science commons; and updating art studios, science labs and classrooms. Electrical, plumbing, HVAC and other infrastructure items were also updated or replaced. Founders Hall, where the majority of renovation occurred, had not been significantly updated since 1962.

With a timeline for the project of less than one year, demolition began in May 2017 immediately following the end of the spring semester and continued through the summer months. Some classes met in temporary spaces on campus during the fall semester so that construction work could continue.

Self-guided tours of the new spaces and light refreshments will be available during the open house event. The evening begins with a ribbon cutting in the new science commons area on the second floor of Founders Hall. These project contractors are providing light refreshments during the open house: A.C.E. Building Service, Dirkse Glass, Edgewater Plumbing, Hubbartt Electric, Kaeden Services and Lee’s Color Studio.

An RSVP is requested, but not required. Please call the UW-Manitowoc Foundation office at (920) 683-5052 or email

For more information about UW-Manitowoc, visit

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“My gas pedal is stuck!” BMW driver calls 911 as he barrels down interstate at nearly 100 mph

A BMW SUV tore down a Florida interstate for nearly 40 miles Monday, but the driver managed to keep his cool while authorities made attempts to stop him, telling a 911 dispatcher calmly “my gas pedal is stuck,” according to the Florida Highway Patrol and dramatic recordings.

The driver, Joseph Cooper, was alone in his SUV on I-95 near Vero Beach just before 1 p.m. when he lost control. Authorities helped control traffic as he careened as fast as 95 mph with flashers and a green strobe on.

Asked if he could shift to neutral, he told the dispatcher, “I can’t, ma’am, I tried that already. I’m trying to hold onto the wheel and talk to you at the same time.”

Authorities tossed out stop sticks twice, finally blowing out the right two tires, which slowed the car down to about 60 mph, the highway patrol said.

The car slowed to 40 mph, but Cooper was still unable to stop. “The vehicle was traveling on all 4 rims with no tire,” the highway patrol said.

Minutes later, video shows the SUV coming to a complete stop, and as smoke surrounds the vehicle, the driver exits to talk to authorities.

At that point Cooper had traveled more than 40 miles. Miraculously, no one was injured.

Lt. Alvaro Feola of the Florida Highway Patrol said Cooper made the right choices in the dangerous situation.

“He did call 911, he wore a seat belt, he kept the dispatch aware of the mile markers,” Feola said.

“Thank God in this situation nobody got hurt,” Feola added. “Traffic was maybe a little light, it wasn’t rush hour.”

BMW issued a statement that called the scenario “implausible” and said there were numerous ways in which the driver could have stopped the car.


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“Dirtbag” Goes to Car Wash & Ends with Him Getting Tased

Police in Washington arrested a man with a self-aware license plate after what they called, “a series of bad decisions.”

According to KCPQ, a Bellevue man driving a red Camaro with a vanity license plate that reads “DIRTBAG” was arrested Sunday afternoon at the Brown Bear car wash in Factoria.

Authorities said the unnamed 40-year-old man was involved in a road rage incident, or rather, a parking lot rage incident. Police responded after reports that two cars were involved in a minor rear-end crash.

The driver of the other car, make unknown, got out to take pictures of the damage. Camaro guy got out, allegedly pointed a gun at the victim and made threats.

Then, when police showed up, Camaro guy wouldn’t get out of his car. When police tried to pull him out he fought them. One officer was punched in the face.

Camaro guy allegedly threatened to kill the police and, to make things worse, he reportedly made disparaging comments about the victim’s perceived ethnicity.

Bellevue police finally tased and arrested him.

Camaro guy is expected to be charged with first-degree assault with a firearm, assault on a police officer, obstructing police, malicious harassment, and resisting arrest.

It is unclear if the Camaro ever got cleaned.

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Local Students Make LTC Dean’s List for Fall 2017

Lakeshore Technical College named 712 students to the dean’s list for the fall 2017 semester. To make the dean’s list, students must have completed six or more semester credits and earned a semester grade point average of at least 3.5 on a 4.0 scale. Student names marked with an asterisk (*) indicate a 4.0 grade point average.

Students are listed by their Wisconsin hometown unless otherwise noted.


Brillion, WI
*Sarah Cops, *Tyler Foulk

Cascade, WI
*Tasha Fischer, Tegan Gonzalez, *Sarah Guttmann, *Cheryl Kassens, *Michael Lecher, *Caleb Mulholland, *Catherine Overfelt, Brandon Raab, *Nadine Skelton

Cato, WI
*Ashley Reigles, *Abby Slager, Kelly Slager

Chilton, WI
*Cassandra Alger, Lisa Ecker, *Kelly Fhlug, *Amber Krueger, *Leslie Occiano

Cleveland, WI
Caitlin Branham, *Caryn Bruckschen, Audra Duby, *Kayla Graham, Autumn Hernandez, Barth Lindemann, *Elizabeth Schubert, *Cassandra Schuele

Denmark, WI
Melanie Brunner, *Cassandra Christensen, Susan Servais

Francis Creek, WI
Daniel Weber

Glenbeulah, WI
Breanna Hausler, *Cheryl Liebe, *Cory Vanderkin, *Garrett Krebsbach


Howards Grove, WI
Melissa Benton, Sean Daehn, *Sarah Gardner, *Michelle Gudex, *Tami Koenig, *Brenda Komoroski, Sarah Lester, *Richard Nelson, *Crystal Pocian, *John Posey, Brittani Rooker, Amanda Schafer, Alexis Simon, Christen Smith


Kewaunee, WI
Tanya Houston, *Wyatt VanGoethem

Kiel, WI
Caitlin Bos, *Robert Bos, Lisa Buvid, *Derek Campbell, Justin Dedering, *Cameron Doute, *Michelle Fritz, Therese Gabrielse, *Mitchel Hassinger, Nadezhda Lisch, Sarah Mueller, *Cassandra Onderbeke, *Sandra Pasket, *Logan Peter, Desirae Roehrig, *Jeffrey Rollmann, *Christine Schad, Mark Schaefer, *Macullen Schnell, *Katherine Schoch, *Nhia Thao, Scott Vigness-Bassette, *Bernard Weiler, Andrew Winkel, *Danielle Yaeger, *Zachary Zorn

Kohler, WI
*Adam DeJardin, Katherine Fitzgerald, *Sherri Gillespie, *Jordan LaPean, Allie Lindow, Crystal Scharenbroch

Manitowoc, WI
*Peter Adams, *Asari Alzate, Brian Appel, *Miranda Bashaw, Brock Bauer, *Chris Behrendt, *Christina Bergemann, *Leah Boeck, Dustin Boyd, Fritzy Brady, *Angela Brey, *Tania Brown, *Kaine Bruechert, Halli Bubolz, Emily Budnik, Rafael Careaga, *Joseph Cerkas, Mai Chang, Jacob Charnon, Matthew Clark, *Cassandra Clarksen, Zachary Cooper, *Diane Dawidowich, *Parker Dennis, *Ashley Duellman, *Jacob Duening, *Timothy Dykstra, Andrew Edwards, Dana Emme, *Adam Fessler, *Tammy Fischer, Joseph Foth, *Melissa Franz, *Jacob Fuka, *Vicki Gatts, Jacob Genske, Julie Gilbert, Autumn Gomm, *Jessica Haese, Anne Haney, *Derek Hansen, *Taylor Harlin, *Hannah Harper, Jesse Hartlaub, Steven Hecker, *Andrew Hein, *Vanessa Heinen, *Eeliya Her, *Thai Her, Rosa Hernandez, *Jackson Huycke, Beau Jacques, *Andrew Janke, Marie Jaschob, Samantha Johnstone, Max Kaczkowski, *Kristen Kappelman, *Ian Klein, *Matthew Klein, Jordan Kopidlansky, *Jean Kraemer, Christopher Krejcarek, Susan Krepline, Paul LaChappelle, *Heather Laurin, Stephanie Ledvina, *Chue Lee, Youa Lee, Caleb Liermann, *Alastair Love, Jacob Lueptow, *Brian Lulloff, Nicole Mann, *Akasha Manthe, Austin Mecca, *Elizabeth Mehall, *Darin Menk, Bradley Miller, *Troy Moede, Robert Monday, Kao Moua, Tonia Nennig, Shante Nettles, Amber Neuser, Philip Nguyen, Judith Niemojuski, Brianna O’Connor, *Maximilian Pakala, Tiffany Palys, *Christine Patt, *Aaron Payne, Hannah Pitroski, Adam Prowls, *Brittany Quistorf, *Angela Radaj, Paige Raymakers, *Kimberly Rohde, *Robert Schindler, Melissa Schlaeger, *Andrew Schroeder, *Emmalee Schroeder, *John Schuette, Kimberlyn Schultz, *Robin Schultz, *Caitlin Seguin, Courtney Shebesta, *Julie Siehr, Jason Sieracki, *Catherine Skawinski, *Travis Sleger, *Emily Sonnenburg, *Robert Staab, *Gina Steinhardt, *Tina Stueck, *Paige Sullivan, Eric Sweetman, Samantha Thao, *Amanda Thiers, Taylor Tice, Steven Toltzmann, *Jeremy Tower, *Thomas Tracy, *Dave VanderWeele, Tong Vang, *Emanuel Vazquez, *Brandon Wagner, *Alyssa Wallen, *Stephanie Watkins, *Myra Weller, Wendy Wetak, *Paige Weygandt, Scott Willecke, Bee Yang, Bouh Bai Yang, *Karisa Yang, Leon Yang, *Shoua Yang, *Scott Zipperer

Maribel, WI
Kendra Krcma

Mishicot, WI
*Jonathan Benfield, *Robert Brunner, *Caitlyn Koller, Logan Kuehn, Morgan Melichar, Blaine Mickelson, Bobbi Jo Mueller, *Jessica Ney, *Mackenzie Peltier



New Holstein, WI
*Craig Braun, *Robert Brown, *Jackie Fannin, Kristi Feldmann, *Mark Flaker, Samantha Hansen, Amber Hewitt, *Sigfried Jin, *Luke Lisch, Julie Pitz, Michael Schisel, *Damien Schmitz, Krystal Tice, *Tate Winkler

Newton, WI
Ashley Grotegut, David Krause


Plymouth, WI
*Travis Auch, Mary Bauer, Kimberley Biederwolf, *Jennifer Brickbauer, Michael Bruggink, Heather Burkart, *Brianna DeRosier, *Caitlynn Hefter, *David Huibregtse, *Amanda Jung, Gabriel Kerntke, Joshua Kerntke, *Kristi Kesick, *Connie Kline, *Lori LaPorte, *Travis Mallmann, Ogiene Layne Manrique, Alex Newkirk, *Terry Puhl, Bradley Rabe, *Melanie Roehrborn, *Holly Schilling, Jason Schilling, *Joanne Solfest, *Heather Sonnenburg, *Stuart Thiel, *Carley Thompson, Pa Yia Van Drie, *Erin Van Ells, *Kate VonDerVellen, *Michaela Wallace, Dena Watson, Erin Weimann, Ashley Wierman, Erin Williams, *Zachary Worm

Reedsville, WI
April De Noyer, Melanie Fritsch, *Kari Gansch, *Renee Lemberger, *Kimberly Mangin, *Rebecca Meulemans, *Adam Miller, Nichole Paulow, Lydia Phillip, Alicia Stueber


Sheboygan, WI
*Jessica Abrashinsky, *Leovardo Aguilar, *William Allison, *Betsie Anderson, Ryan Anderson, Dominic Andrews, Justin Aschenbach, *Jacob Baneck, Tosha Barr, Savanah Barts, *Kathryn Basler, *Neil Baumgartner, Valerie Behnke, Gabriela Benitez-Cazares, *Michelle Berg, *Roberta Blacklock, *Sydne Blackshear, *Alyssa Brendel, Jordan Brown, Matthew Brown, *Ronna Brown, *Tanner Brusse, Sali Bushi, *Gabriel Cadena, Anthony Caelwaerts, *Brian Castillo, Taylor Champeau, *Cha Chang, Christina Chavez, *Jonathan Cimarosti, *Brandon Coe, *Cassidy Cook, *Alexia Cordle, Anna Cortez, Melanie Cyr, *Trisha Daniels, Kailey Davies, *Crystal Dekker, *David Dekker, Emily Demge, *Rebecca Denboer, Steven Detiege, *Tucker DeVriend, Connor Dlugopolski, *Hayley Dobas, Sabrina Doxtator, Kyle Dulmes, Brendon Dutton, Katharine Eickermann, Amy Ellison, Viridiana Escobar, Christopher Esparza, *Amanda Eyraud, Jamie Feldmann, Karri Jo Fischer, Cailin Fournier, Keri Frank, *Stephanie Frank, Jonathan Fritsch, *Alex Gabino, Craig Gaedke, *Claudia Garcia, Johnathan Garcia, Jonathan Gee, Angela Gibson, *Helen Glazunova, *Casey Gmach, Haley Goldbeck, Bryan Gordon, Nicole Graf, Eric Graves, Sam Gundrum, James Gutierrez, *Lucas Haese, *Rachel Hafemann, Erin Hameister, *Jeremy Hand, *Rayven Hao, Clifton Harp, Nicholas Herman, *Julie Hernandez, Elliott Higgins, *Brandon Hintz, *Scott Jackson, *Ruth Jananan, William Janos, Michael Jeatran, *Hope Jochimsen, *Jacob Johnson, *Kelly Johnston, Courtney Jones, *Brittney Kamada, *Krystal Kath, *Robert Keller, Alissa Kessler, *Nichole Kiedrowski, *Ashley Kipp, Emily Knier, *Shari Knight, *Jennifer Kober, *Miranda Koene, Chanise Kohls-Bruggink, Tracy Kong, Alexis Kramer, Austin Kreft, *Amanda Krueger, Maveric Kue, *Peter Kue, Joshua Kuhn, *Choua Lee, *Chue Lee, *Kacey Lee, Mai Sheng Lee, Susan Lee, *Jordan Leslie, Cynthia Lopez, *Raul Lopez, Amanda Louisier, Chansamai Ly, Melanie Lyon, *Jennifer Maitland, *Joshua Malson, *Steven Mandel, *Jack Marsh, *Tyler Maxey, Kelly McCarthy, Samantha McDonald, *Shane McMurray, *Ryne Meise, Daisy Mendiola, *Jessica Mendiola, Paige Meyer, Amanda Montez, *Linda Moua, Ocean Moua, Eline Muhire, Sadie Munro, Kevin Murphy, *Eric Naumann, *Andrew Neefe, Wallace Noack, *Kim Nytes, Stephany Oakley, *Maret Perry, Dawn Pickett, Holly Pospichal, *Timothy Raasch, Sarah Raml, Steffany Reyna, Peter Rindt, Andrew Rivas, *Hannah Roberts, *Candice Roitt, *Allison Ross, *Nathan Sampson, Jade Sand, Andrea Saxon, *Jason Schickert, Nathan Schimpf, *Christine Schober, *Joel Schreurs, *Rodney Schulz, *Kimberly Schwartz, *Shaun Sheeran, Paige Sholten, Colin Simmelink, *Thaina Simoes Da Silva, *Chad Solberg, *Marissa Strutz, *David Stutleen, Wendy Sullivan, Mara TenHaken, *Matt Testroete, Derek Teunissen, *Katie Thao, *Peter Sai Thao, Kristy Theune, *Priscilla Torres, *Jennifer Underwood, *Eric VanDeLoo, *Silas Vanderweele, PaKou Vang, *Youa Vang, Hailey VanStelle, Araceli Vargas, Jonathan VerVelde, Casey Villani, Miko Vollrath, *Cooper Vos, *Kyle Wagner, *Crystal Wakker, *Alexandria Walters, *Lauren Warner, *Cristin Wassink, *Danielle Welcher, Cheyenne Welsch, Kerri Wieskamp, *Rachael Williams, *Terrie Williams, Crystal Wright, Robin Wright, *Chai Xiong, *Der Xiong, Her Xiong, *Linda Xiong, *Nyia Xiong, Alicia Yang, *Cheechia Yang, *Chong Yang, Cindy Yang, Dane Yang, *Kao Yang, *Khue Yang, Ki Yang, Mai Zher Yang, *Pa Houa Yang, Sheila Yang, Suzy Yang, Tong Yang, Xeng Yang, Yueshia Yang, *Stacey Zabel

Sheboygan Falls, WI
Marie Chiminatti, *Adam Corrigan, Ashley Drossel, *Asher Evraets, Andrea Fink, Amanda Green, *Justin Green, *Caleb Hall, *Kelly Heard, Abigail Heep, Carly Hoftiezer, Zackary Kirchner, *Becky Knutson, Sompaktra Kolste, David LaFata, Tiffany Lange, Jacob Mertzig, Leah Moore, *Hannah Morse, Jenna Musiedlak, Jason Parks, *Jenna Rautmann, Nicholas Riley, *Tamara Salchert, Kylie Scherer, *Hannah Schleicher, *Kyle Schroeder, *Tarran Sippel, *Kevin Szemborski, *Jessica Trumm, *James Wilhite


St Nazianz, WI
*Jon Lenz, Tanner Ohlrogge, Maricela Rodriguez, *Annette Schreiber



Two Rivers, WI
Melissa Araiza, JamiLynn Blachowski, Jacob Branham, Jacob Brotski, *Daija Christensen, *Amy Desroches, *Jessica Dittmer, *Brianna Fowler, Andrew Frank, *Louanne Garcia, Linda Gullickson, *Hailey Haag, Trevor Havel, *Kristin Heimerl, Amanda Henrickson, *Justin Her, Brandon Hoftiezer, Connie Jaskolski, Alyssa Johanek, Matthew Kleckner, Zackary Kohlmeier, *Ashley Kozlowski, *Madison Kronforst, *Karissa Kuether, *Brooke LeClair, *Chue Lee, Jennifer Lisowe, Jane Marcelle, *Katelin Nelson, *Christopher Ney, *Madelyn Polich, Jacob Prucha, *Krista Radandt, Aaron Reilly, Austin Reimer, Shawn Sayeski, Destiny Schlies, Tanner Schultz, Kurt Selke, *Alissa Taylor, *Carmita Virnoche, Calli Webb, *Jodi Weier, Jackie Winnemuller, *Renee Wizner, Sai Yang

Valders, WI
Lori Bauer, *Dalton Braun, Colene Wasmer, *Tonya Wenzel

Waldo, WI
Victoria Kluck, Addy Miller, *Mary Parrish, Andrew Ringel, Elizabeth Weavers

Whitelaw, WI
Conner Grall, *Kathleen Hagen, *Kayla Liptow, Nichole Mangin, Tanner Mangin, *Shelby Miller, Amber Preston, *Carrie Schuh, Mauresa Shillcox, Makenna Skubal


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Swiss Skier Fabian Boesch’s Most Impressive Trick

Fabian Boesch can do amazing things on his skis — he’s competing in his second Olympics and won a world championship in 2015. But, it may be a totally dangerous escalator trick that is more mind-boggling

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One Smart Girl Scout

A San Diego Girl Scout demonstrated one of the benefits of legalized marijuana.

San Diego marijuana dispensary Urbn Leaf shared a photo on Instagram of a Girl Scout with an armful of cookies in front of the store.

The girl’s father told KGTV his daughter sold more than 300 boxes in about 6 hours.

Girl Scouts San Diego says that scouts may sell from wagons as long as they have a parent or guardian present.

Alison Bushan, of Girl Scouts San Diego said, “So if that’s what they say they were doing… then they were right within the rules.”

Bushan said since the scout set up on a wagon and was off the property, she was within the rules. If she had set up a booth been in front of the business, then there would be a problem.

The Girl Scouts of America started selling cookies in January and will do so in neighborhoods and online until April.