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Where has “Team America” gone?

Jim 10-2015b.jpgAn editorial from Jim Medley, our Operations Manager:

During the President State of the Union Address on Tuesday night we heard of many achievements from the past year. We had a chance to hear of the good things that the biased media refuses to report. We heard of tragedy of the deaths of innocent victims at the hand of MS-13 gang members, we herd heroic stories of the US Coast Guard, the US Army and National Park Service. Then we saw the crutches of a survivor of the brutal North Korean regime. We felt the incredible humanity of a Police Officer and his wife adopting a child from a drug addict. We marveled at the youthful smile of a young boy who honored thousands of Veterans by place American Flags on gravestones.


Top these stories off with lower taxes for everyone, less regulation, a strong economy, historically low minority unemployment, greater care and accountability for Veterans Health, the most diverse and equal society we have ever known and the respect women are commanding and receiving in today’s America.


This sounds like an “American Team” that is winning. Yet, certain teammates are mad, Democrats are genuinely upset about America doing well. They seemed very sore at other teammates are scoring points or making great plays. Democrats seem upset at Veterans are getting the care they deserve, they are upset that hard working Americans are paying less in taxes, they are upset about retirement and college funds growing and upset that more minorities have jobs now than any other time in the history of this country.


I don’t understand.


Any coach in the world will tell you, a successful team will only win if every member of the team plays together.


When you watch the Superbowl this weekend, think about teamwork and how each team celebrates another players success’s. when we watch the winter Olympics’ next week think about how teamwork helped these athletes make it to compete against the best in the world.


Maybe congress can also see the teamwork of winning and start being a team for the American people.


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