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Car on Ice Fundraiser

Manitowoc County Rotary clubs introduce a Car on Ice fundraiser to the Lakeshore community.

The Rotary clubs of Manitowoc County have placed a car on the ice at the Manitowoc Marina. The fundraiser will revolve around when the car falls through the ice. Participants will be asked to predict the day, hour, and minute the “Car on Ice” breaks through the ice.

If you guess the correct date and time or the closest to, you will win a progressive jackpot worth at least $1,000. All entries with the correct date will be entered into a drawing to win an additional prize. Everyone who purchases a ticket will also be entered into a drawing for a consolation prize. This event adds additional excitement to winter coming to an end. For a complete list of rules and to view a live video feed of the car, please visit

You can purchase your tickets online at or from an Manitowoc County Rotarian. Don’t know any Rotarians? Reach out through our Facebook page

Rotary Clubs of Manitowoc County support multiple non – profits and other charitable causes throughout the county and world. The car has been stripped of all possible contaminants or pollutants. For more information visit
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