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Cheese Curls Helped One Man Avoid Work

According to Australian Broadcasting Corporation, Tom Colella, 60, was fired from his job in Australia last year after he was dodging work to spend time golfing. This month a workplace tribunal called the Fair Work Commission found that the electrician had been fired for good cause: He had been ditching work while on the clock.

But how did he get away with it for so long?

Colella turned an empty bag of Twisties cheese curls into a Faraday cage.

A Faraday cage blocks electromagnetic fields. 19th century scientist Michael Faraday found that an enclosure lined with conductive material, such as the foil-lined interior of the snack bag can keep charges out.

Colella used the knowledge as a way to block signals to his company-mandated, GPS-enabled personal digital assistant which tracked his movement. In other words, he put GPS in a bag of Australian Cheetos to keep his bosses from tracking his whereabouts while he went golfing.

For the time being Colella, appears to be working as an Uber driver.

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