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Naked Drunk Couple Having Sex While Driving with a 3 Month Old in Backseat

KOMO reports that a Washington couple were involved in a car accident Thanksgiving eve.

According to the State Patrol, the unidentified man and woman were naked and having sex while driving on State Route 7 with their baby in the back seat.

The crash occurred near La Grande around 6 p.m. when the man, who was driving, missed a curve, went off the road right into a tree.

Witnesses told police both members of the couple were naked when they got out of the car.

Police said they were also both impaired.

The woman, who wasn’t wearing a seatbelt, was taken to the hospital with several broken bones. The 3-month-old child in the back seat was not injured.

The man, whom police say has three prior DUI convictions, was arrested on suspicion of driving under the influence, vehicular assault and child endangerment.

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