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No Tickets – Frozen Turkeys Instead

Larry Riddle didn’t use his turn signal on Wednesday and got off with a warning — and a frozen Thanksgiving turkey.

The Billings Gazette reports that the Billings Police Department spent the afternoon giving out turkeys instead of traffic citations.

A Billings businessman, Steve Gountanis, had purchased the turkeys from Albertson’s and asked BPD to distribute the turkeys in time for Thanksgiving. After pulling over drivers for traffic violations, the officers first checked for outstanding warrants, then returned to the drivers with a written warning and one of the turkeys.

When Officer Eric Schnelbach told Riddle he was only getting a warning, and a bird to cook for the upcoming holiday, he was touched.

Riddle, who was driving with his daughter, Amber, said they appreciated the gesture, and that it would make a difference for them. Riddle’s wife died of cancer two years ago and he now lives alone outside town on a limited budget. He tries to make a nice Thanksgiving meal each year for his daughter and himself, so the free turkey was a nice surprise.

Riddle joked that he might have to get pulled over a second time and get a turkey for Christmas.


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