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Milk Source LLC Donates to Wisconsin Discovery Center

Milk Source LLC is partnering with the Farm Wisconsin Discovery Center with a $100,000 gift to support the educational experiences for visitors. Interested in telling the story of modern sustainable agriculture and premier animal care, both organizations felt it was opportune moment to join together.

“Having been named the international Innovative Dairy Farm of the Year and a two-time Leopold Wisconsin Conservation Award finalist in recent years, Milk Source was an ideal partner for the Discovery Center,” said Julie Maurer, president of the organization’s board of directors. “Whether we’re discussing humane herd management, consumer- and employee-safety practices or environmentally responsible farming techniques, Milk Source has earned a reputation of being in the vanguard,” she said. “Who better to help us tell the modern farmer’s story?”

The future Dairy Diversity exhibit will feature an interactive wall of dairy products, everything from butter, yogurt, cheese and ice cream. Also included in this exhibit will the opportunity to explore how dairy processing facilities safely prepare these foods for the market. Visitors will be able to experience this exhibit along with dozens of others after the much-anticipated Farm Wisconsin Discovery Center Grand Opening in Summer 2018.

“From the first day the Center opens, we’ll be excited to share our story with visitors of all ages,” said Todd Willer, Milk Source partner. “This will be a great opportunity.”


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