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Ever Tasted Oreo Beer?

Oreo beer is actually a thing, according to Elite Daily. Anyone who is over the age of 21 can buy an Oreo beer at the State Fair of Texas.

The Lone Star state invented the dessert/drink, which combines beer with everyone’s favorite cream-filled sandwich cookie. The creator said the beer tastes of “vanilla, brown sugar and cream, with hints of roasted coffee.”

According to images circulating on social media, the State Fair of Texas’ Oreo beer is a blended beverage that is served in an Oreo cream and crumb-lined cup and topped, of course, with an Oreo floater. Oreo beer is listed under “New Foods for 2017” on the fair’s official website,, and is available at Barrera’s. You can even use it to wash down your Deep Fried Froot Loops or your Funnel Cake Bacon Queso Burger, which are both also on the menu at the fair.

If you would like to try Oreo beer you have to visit the State Fair of Texas before the event ends on October 22.


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