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Cactus-Napping in Arkansas

A 19-year-old in Little Rock, Arkansas allegedly had his favorite cactus stolen and he needs your help finding it, reports the Huffington Post.

The man posted a sign featuring an image of the missing cactus that reads, “Terence (Answers to Terry).” Noting that the plant was “last seen on my front porch on Center Street.”

The sign also has a phone number for William D. Gould. Gould explains that Terrence has been missing since September 5, 2017 and was taken suddenly from his front porch.

Gould even set up a GoFundMe page explaining how Terence disappeared in the first place. He writes, “I would often leave Terrence out on my front porch while I was in class or at work in order for him to enjoy the fresh air and natural sunlight.  And then he was cactus-napped.”

He adds, “The very next day I put up flyers around my neighborhood in case anyone say him, but besides a few prank calls I have heard nothing.  I am creating this go fund me to hire a private investigator in order to locate Terrence and bring him home.”

Gould claims Terrence has a brother cactus, named Clarence, who understandably “hasn’t spoken much since the cactus-napping.” So, if you should see a cactus in Arkansas in a terra cotta pot that appears to be lost, please help bring him home.


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