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Taco Festival Runs Out of Tacos

Organizers of the Portland Taco Fest in Oregon were forced to cancel the second day of the planned two-day event over the weekend after they ran out of tacos, reports KATU News.

The event’s website describes the Taco Fest as “Portland’s largest celebration of the beloved taco!” Organizers promised “a full weekend of fun and food,” with taco enthusiasts having a chance to sample food from “a carefully crafted group of the best taco creators in the whole city.”

However, the festival turned into chaos on Sunday after patrons learned that vendors had run out of tacos. Hundreds of people demanded refunds after waiting more than 90 minutes without getting a single taco.

One attendee said, “We got in line and we weren’t going anywhere, and then someone told us that the taco truck ran out of food.” Police had to be summoned to help manage the “hangry” crowd.

Another major issue was that many of the taco vendors were not actually serving Mexican food. One festival-goer complained on Facebook that there were only three or four taco trucks, while the remainder of the trucks served BBQ, Asian food, Greek food or desserts.

Later, the organizers apologized for the fiasco explaining, “Our signage on vendors maybe wasn’t as clear as it should have been, which mislead people into thinking there were only 2 taco vendors. All vendors offered a taco option, so ironically there were plenty of tacos when the lines were heading to only a few trucks. No food vendor was booked for the taco fest unless they were serving tacos.”

The organizers claimed that “some key issues… made the event fall short” and said they “take full responsibility for everything.”

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