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Hmong Community Members to Present $3,000 Lead Gift toward Community Gardens Endowment

Members of Brown County’s Hmong community will present a check for $3,000 to the Greater Green Bay Community Foundation on July 25, at 5:00pm at 210 Museum Place, as a lead gift for the creation of an endowment fund to support Brown County’s community gardens. County Executive Troy Streckenbach, Green Bay Mayor Jim Schmitt, Greater Green Bay Community Foundation and UW-Extension representatives, along with Hmong community leaders, will open the ceremony with brief comments, followed by light refreshments.

In collaboration with the Brown County UW-Extension Community Gardens Program, community members, including Hmong leaders, are working to raise the $10,000 needed to open a community gardens endowment at the Greater Green Bay Community Foundation. Community gardens offer community members countless benefits. These include helping to build:

-Better physical and mental health
-Increased food security
-Space to grow cultural foods and carry on cultural gardening traditions
-Connected, safe, and appealing neighborhoods
-Greater community sustainability and beauty

Requests for local community gardening space have continued to grow and funding for ongoing support of community gardens is being sought. The Community Foundation agreed establishing an endowment would help to secure community gardens’ future in Brown County. Since community gardens’ beginnings, Brown County’s Hmong community has been a large and important part of this gardening community, and many see helping establish an endowment as a key opportunity to give back.

“Community gardens are important to the Hmong community, and we want to make sure they continue and think the endowment is a great way to do this,” says local Hmong community member Wa Yia Thao.

Including Hmong gardeners, over 50 percent of the Brown County UW-Extension’s Community Gardens Program’s participating families have contributed to the endowment, as have a number of private individuals. All community members are invited to contribute. Checks can be made out to the “GGBCF Community Garden Fund” and sent to 320 N. Broadway Street, Suite 260, Green Bay, WI 54303.

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