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New Detox Facility in Sheboygan County

Beattie photo.jpgA local addiction detoxification facility, designed to assist people seeking treatment, is now accepting patients. Pathways Detox of Waldo is designed to help people accomplish the first stage of recovery—getting clean. The facility’s services complement those provided at a co-owned facility in Kiel.

In 2015, Pathways to a Better Life opened a treatment center in rural Kiel to help people overcome substance abuse. Since opening, Pathways almost always has a waiting list, and the organization’s counselors say its specific approach to substance abuse treatment has better results than traditional treatment centers.

“The Waldo facility has been opened to improve outcomes by helping patients get over the hump of detoxing, which can be painful and miserable,” stated Pathways CEO Susan Beattie.  “This is not just a business, it is a way to provide the most help possible for people.”

The facility in Waldo, which previously served as a home for the elderly, is well suited for the need of those seeking to detox. “Waldo is a fine small community, peaceful and tranquil,” Beattie noted. “We feel that the tranquility is an important step toward achieving positive outcomes.”

Financing for the business was provided Oostburg State Bank and the Sheboygan County Revolving Loan Fund. Business plan development was facilitated through the Sheboygan County Economic Development Corporation (SCEDC) in collaboration with Small Business Development Center (SBDC) at UW-Green Bay. “County officials certainly recognized the importance of the project,” noted SCEDC’s Business Development Manager Jim Schuessler. “Helping people get sober not only benefits those afflicted with addiction but extends to friends and neighbors and overall provides a benefit to the community.”


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