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Dr Phil Scores First Interview with Steven Avery

We’re about to hear from Steven Avery for the first time in years. The man who’s serving life in prison for the brutal killing of Teresa Halbach in 2005 will be a telephone guest on Doctor Phil McGraw’s syndicated T-V show Monday and Tuesday. It will be the first time Avery speaks for himself since the Netflix series “Making a Murderer” was shown almost one year ago — and Avery’s new lawyer Kathleen Zellner has sought a new trial in the wake of the documentary series. In a news release, Avery is quoted as telling McGraw he expects to get out of prison soon — and when he does, he’ll marry his fiancee, Las Vegas legal secretary Lynn Hartman. She’ll be in the studio with Doctor Phil during the Avery segments.



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Bail Set for Man Who Led Manitowoc Police on a Chase

Bail is set at $20,000 cash for a 25 year old Green Bay man facing multiple charges afeter leading law enforcement on a dangerous chase in & north of Manitowoc.  Justin K Jacques is charged with first degree recklessly endangering safety, damage to property, fleeing police, possession of meth-amphetamine with intent to deliver & bail jumping.  Manitowoc Police Captain Craig Jansen said Jacques was initially observed traveling north bound over teh south bound 10th Street bridge at a high rate of speed.  Officers from MPD and the county sheriff’s department pursued Jacques, who disregarded trafficsignals & stop signs while trying to get away.  He also put his car in reverse & rammed a deputy’s squad car twice.  Jacques was finally boxed in and arrested without further incdent.  No one was hurt.

Conditions of bail are that Jacques report to the Sheriff’s Department for prints within 24 hours of release – provide a DNA sample & maintain absolute sobriety from drugs & alcohol.  He rmeains in the Manitowoc County Jail with an initial appearance scheduled for Monday afternoon at 2:30.


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Jackson County Elk Adjusting to New Surroundings

After the release of an additional 50 elk in eastern Jackson County in July 2016, the herd has continued to settle in to their primary range.


In March, 39 elk from Kentucky arrived at the Jackson County holding pen<> and their numbers grew as pregnant cows gave birth while in quarantine this summer.

[The elk in Jackson County continue to adapt to life in Wisconsin.]



elk“The elk appear to have had a very good summer,” said Department of Natural Resources elk ecologist and elk reintroduction coordinator Kevin Wallenfang. “We continue to monitor their daily whereabouts with GPS tracking collars.


In the first two years of Jackson County reintroduction efforts, a total of 73 elk were released in a large block of state and county forest in eastern Jackson County. DNR staff and partners receive regular sighting reports and trail camera pictures from the public. In addition to tracking collars, the herd is also being monitored using trail cameras as part of the Snapshot Wisconsin program<>. Department staff continues to work closely with landowners as the herd continues to become acclimated to life in Wisconsin.

[Trailcam photos help department staff monitor Wisconsin’s elk herds.] Trailcam photos help department staff monitor Wisconsin’s elk herds.

Photo Credit: DNR


Herd losses have been minimal and not unexpected, with losses due to vehicle accidents, suspected pre-existing conditions and wolf predation. No verified losses have occurred due to predation since January 2016.


With fall approaching, the elk are now entering the annual breeding season, making them more active, vocal and visible to the public – DNR staff ask that people continue to give the elk their space. “I know the temptation to want to see these elk, so we just ask that anyone who wishes to look for them to do so from distance,” said Wallenfang. “They are particularly vulnerable to disturbance in the fall, so we request that people not pressure them or attempt to call them in.”


Wallenfang also encourages deer hunters to be particularly careful when identifying their target while hunting in Jackson County and surrounding areas to avoid accidentally shooting an elk.Elk are a protected species in Wisconsin and hunting elk is not allowed.


With elk translocation now complete in Jackson County, the remaining two to three years of the project will focus on delivering up to 75 Kentucky elk to northern Wisconsin where they will join the original herd, established in 1995 near Clam Lake. The northern herd continues to see slow but steady growth and is estimated to contain approximately 160 elk.



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Manitowoc Police Pursuit

On 9-29-16 at approximately 1:27am, a Manitowoc City Police Officer on patrol observed a white, 2001 Chevrolet Malibu traveling the wrong way at an extremely high rate of speed going northbound over the downtown 10th St. bridge for southbound only traffic.

The officer made an effort to catch up to the vehicle as it continued northbound in the southbound traffic lanes, but the officer lost sight of the vehicle shortly after it turned west onto New York Ave. A moment later, a second Manitowoc officer observed the same vehicle as it sped north through the intersection of N. Rapids Rd. and Waldo Blvd., completely disregarding the flashing red electric signal.

Manitowoc County Sheriff’s Deputies managed to get behind the speeding vehicle as it left the Manitowoc City Limits going north on CTH R. The vehicle refused to pull over, and Manitowoc Sheriff’s Deputies pursued the vehicle as it turned east on Highway 310, then south on CTH B. The vehicle entered the Manitowoc City Limits once again, crossing Waldo Blvd. a second time, and speeding southbound on the one-way, northbound only traffic of N. 8th St.

Eventually the speeding vehicle reached Manitowoc’s Lincoln Public High School, where it entered the student drop off turnaround at the front of the school. The speeding vehicle made a U-turn in the turnaround, and sideswiped two separate Manitowoc County Sheriff’s Deputy squad cars as it continued to elude capture.

The suspect vehicle came to a brief stop on Columbus St. at S. 8th St., but when deputies stopped behind him, the suspect driver threw the vehicle into reverse and rammed the front end of one of the deputy’s squad cars. The suspect vehicle then took off again at a high rate of speed, westbound on Columbus St. from S. 8th St., completely disregarding stop signs. When it reached S. 11th St. the suspect vehicle again came to a stop, only to have the suspect driver again throw the vehicle in reverse and ram a second sheriff’s deputy squad car. The suspect vehicle then continued northbound on S. 11th St. where sheriff’s deputies finally managed to use Pursuit Intervention Techniques to spin the suspect vehicle out of control and get the suspect vehicle boxed in and unable to continue.

The suspect driver was arrested without further incident. He was identified as a 25 year old Green Bay man. The suspect vehicle and one deputy squad car had to be towed from the scene.

Alcohol and/or drug consumption were not believed to be factors in the accident, however, the motives for the suspected driver’s actions i still under investigation.

The suspected driver was evaluated for possible minor injuries at a local hospital, and then transported to the Manitowoc County Jail where he was booked and held on three counts of Felony Recklessly Endangering Safety 1st Degree, three counts of Felony Damage to Property, Felony Fleeing or Eluding, Felony Possession of Methamphetamine with Intent to Deliver, Possession of Drug Paraphernalia, Probation Holds, and a variety of traffic law violations.

No officers were hurt during the incident.



*update* Body Found on Manitowoc County Beach


An autopsy was conducted on today’s date & confirmed the body located yesterday afternoon is that of Francis R Knipp, age 75, resident of Manitowoc, Wisconsin.  Francis Knipp was the lone occupant of a sailboat that was found capsized on September 11, 2016.

The Coroner’s Office has preliminarily determined the cause of death as likely drowning pending toxicology reports.  At this time, the investigation has not fond indications of foul play and believed to be an accidental boating incident.

Family members have been notified.


A body discovered on a beach in southern Manitowoc County may be that of a missing 75 year old man who went missing from a 10 foot sailboat discovered capsized off Red Arrow Beach two weeks ago.  That’s according to the US Coast Guard Station in Two Rivers.  The Coast Guard says it was contacted by local authorities as a courtesy after the body was found since they were involved in the search. Manitowoc County Sheriff’s Inspector Greg Schetter says that at 12:35 yesterday afternoon, a citizen notified the joint dispatch center of a body near 5717 Lakeshore Road in the Town of Newton.  Several local & area units responded immediately with the Silver Creek Fire Department blocking off access to the beach while Coroner Curtis Green was on scene.  Coroner Green took custody of the body with First Responders leaving the scene shortly before three yesterday afternoon.  Inspector Schetter says the Coroner’s Office will conduct the investigation to determine the person’s identity and cause of death.  The Coast Guard says because the body was found on the shoreline and not in open water, their agency would not be involved any further.


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Bucks President Retreats After Critical Comments on City

The president of the N-B-A’s Milwaukee Bucks pulls back critical comments he made about the city his team plays in. Peter Feigin (fay’ gn) recently told the Rotary Club of Madison that Milwaukee is the most “segregated, racist place” he has ever experienced — an “antiquated” place in “desperate need of repair,” and his team vows to “lead by example.” OnMonday, Feigin met with Mayor Tom Barrett, who told the Bucks’ president he’s happy the team is “engaged in trying to improve” the city. On Tuesday, Feigin called Milwaukee “a terrific community” and said his comments responded to a question about how the Bucks can help address the “social, economic, and geographic divides that exist.” As the Bucks and taxpayers put up a new downtown arena, team owner Wes Edens says they’re “determined” to help improve Milwaukee with good paying jobs at the facility.



On This Date 1 Year Ago…

Jeff Gordon became NASCAR’s new “Iron Man.” The four-time Cup Series champion started his 789th consecutive race, breaking Ricky Rudd’s record of 788 that was set from 1981 through 2005. Gordon started tenth and finished seventh in the SYLVANIA 300 at New Hampshire Motor Speedway.