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Jake Owen Set to Release New Album

Jake Owen is due to release a new album called American Love on July 29th.

American Love is the result of his journey and soul-searching after a tumultuous couple of years. “Over the past few years I’ve experienced the unexpected,” he said in a statement. “My Dad received a cancer diagnosis and I, unfortunately, went through a divorce.”

“I found myself gravitating to songs that had more of a positive vibe and actually made me feel better by singing them. Music truly does seem to help the healing process.”

Jake’s debut single from the new album, “American Country Love Song,” is currently rising up the billboard charts and sits at the number 17 spot.

“This record has been very enlightening because I found myself through the songs. I got back to basics with American Love,” Jake says of the project. “This is me, this is what I want to say and this is what I want people to remember me for.”

Jake Owen album coverAmerican Love Track Listing With Songwriters

1. American Love
(Jaren Johnston/Luke Laird)

2. After Midnight
(Rodney Dale Clawson/Matt Dragstrem/Shane McAnally)

3. Where I Am
(Ross Copperman/Hillary Lindsey/Shane McAnally)

4. Everybody Dies Young
(Ross Copperman/Shane McAnally/Josh Osborne/Scott Stepakoff)

5. VW Van
(Paul Reter/Brent Stenzel)

6. Good Company
(Matt Alderman/Tommy Cecil/Jared Mullins)

7. LAX
(Nathan Chapman/Andrew Dorff/Jake Owen)

8. If He Ain’t Gonna Love You
(Luke Laird/Shane McAnally/Chris Stapleton)

9. When You Love Someone
(Blair Daly/Hillary Lindsey/Sean McConnell)

10. You Ain’t Going Nowhere
(Ross Copperman/Dallas Davidson/Ashley Gorley)

11. American Country Love Song
(Ross Copperman/Ashley Gorley/Jaren Johnston)


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