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The Power of Music #2 by Ryan B

Like I have written about before, music is a very powerful art form. Personally it has helped me through hard times, and accentuated to good times. There are some songs that, regardless of the mood I am in, bring me to a completely different place. For example, in my review on Alabama, I mentioned that when I was a kid, when an Alabama song came on the radio, I would stop what I was doing and listen in awe of the amazing harmonies, and great stories they were telling. Whenever I hear “Dixieland Delight”, or “I’m in a Hurry”, I go back to that feeling.

I believe that the more you know about your favorite artist, the more you will appreciate their music. For instance, my favorite band is Disturbed. They are a metal band out of Chicago that got their start in 1994. I have always loved their music, but as I learned more about them, and learned about what was going through their minds as they wrote and recorded songs, I would hear them in a completely different light. I don’t just hear the song, I hear the message, and the individual parts that make the whole. I seriously think everyone should learn about their favorite artist so they can appreciate the music more, and hear your favorite songs the way I do.

Shameless self-promotion time. I have been given the opportunity to help you do just that. Every weekend, I will be giving a history lesson on a new artist. The article will be posted on Fridays, and will consist of classic bands, and modern groups as well. If you want to learn about your favorite artist, just send me an email at, send a tweet to @GuyOnTheRadio51, or post on the WCUB Facebook page, or the Hot Country 92.1 Facebook page. I can’t wait to dig into your favorite artists.


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